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 1;Some first run intro
 3MsgBox, 4,,Welcome to the ultimate windows tweaking experience!`nBefore we begin, would you like to see a list of features?	
 4IfMsgBox Yes
 5	run
 6MsgBox, 4,,At the beginning, you should configure the settings and activate/deactivate the features to your liking. You can access the settings menu later through the tray icon or by pressing CTRL+H. Do you want to open the settings window now?
 7IfMsgBox Yes
 8	GoSub SettingsHandler
 9while(WinExist("7plus Settings"))
10	Sleep 100
11Tooltip(1, "That's it for now. Have fun!", "Invalid Command","O1 L1 P99 C1 XTrayIcon YTrayIcon I1")
12SetTimer, ToolTipClose, -5000	
13IniWrite, 0, %A_ScriptDir%\Settings.ini, General, FirstRun