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Possible License(s): GPL-2.0
 1((:key "C-c ; f c" :description "Find controller")
 2 (:key "C-c ; f e" :description "Find environment file")
 3 (:key "C-c ; f f" :description "Find file in Rails project")
 4 (:key "C-c ; f h" :description "Find helper")
 5 (:key "C-c ; f i" :description "Find migration")
 6 (:key "C-c ; f j" :description "Find javascripts")
 7 (:key "C-c ; f l" :description "Find file in plugin")
 8 (:key "C-c ; f m" :description "Find model")
 9 (:key "C-c ; f n" :description "Find configuration file")
10 (:key "C-c ; f o" :description "Find log file")
11 (:key "C-c ; f p" :description "Find file in public")
12 (:key "C-c ; f s" :description "Find script")
13 (:key "C-c ; f t" :description "Find test")
14 (:key "C-c ; f v" :description "Find view")
15 (:key "C-c ; f x" :description "Find fixture")
16 (:key "C-c ; f y" :description "Find stylesheet")
17 (:key "C-c ; c" :description "Start Rails console")
18 (:key "C-c ; g" :description "Runs grep in project")
19 (:key "C-c ; q" :description "Open sql buffer for this project")
20 (:key "C-c ; r" :description "Run rake task")
21 (:key "C-c ; s" :description "Run script")
22 (:key "C-c ; t" :description "Run test")
23 (:key "C-c ; d" :description "Run capistrano task")
24 (:key "C-c ; w" :description "Start web server")
25 (:key "C-c ; x" :description "Extract partial")
26 (:key "C-c C-c c" :description "Find all controllers")
27 (:key "C-c C-c g" :description "Find all migrations")
28 (:key "C-c C-c h" :description "Find all helpers")
29 (:key "C-c C-c m" :description "Find all models")
30 (:key "C-c C-c v" :description "Find all views")
31 (:key "M-SPC" :description "Just one space (removes all spaces except one around point)")
32 (:key "C-u C-SPC" :description "Pop mark")
33 (:key "M-|" :description "Shell command on region")
34 (:key "M-=" :description "Count lines region")
35 (:key "C-x =" :description "What cursor position")
36 (:key "C-x z" :description "Repeat command")
37 (:key "C-h C-f" :description "FAQ")
38 (:key "C-x C-u" :description "Upcase region")
39 (:key "C-x C-l" :description "Downcase region")
40 (:key "C-S-backspace" :description "Kill whole line")
41 (:key "C-M-k" :description "Kill balanced expression")
42 (:key "M-z char" :description "Zap to char")
43 (:key "C-h l" :description "Show previous keypresses")
44 (:key "C-h w" :description "Where is command")
45 (:key "C-h c" :description "Describe key brifely")
46 (:key "M-q" :description "Fill paragraph")
47 (:key "C-c C-v C-w" :description "View javadoc for class or method at point.")
48 (:key "C-c C-v C-." :description "JDE, complete method at point.")
49 (:key "C-h e" :description "Goto *Messages* buffer")
50 (:key "C-M-v" :description "Scroll other window (other direction with negative argument)")
51 (:key "C-x 4 b" :description "Open buffer in other window")
52 (:key "C-x 4 f" :description "Open file in other window")
53 (:key "C-x 4 ." :description "Find tag in other window")
54 (:key "C-x ^" :description "Increase size of window vertically (descrease with negative argument)")
55 (:key "C-x {" :description "Shrinks window horizontally")
56 (:key "C-x }" :description "Enlarges the window horizontally")
57 (:key "M-m" :description "Back to indentation")
58 (:key "M-@" :description "Mark word")
59 (:key "C-M-s" :description "Search on regular expression forward")
60 (:key "C-M-r" :description "Search on regular expression backwards")
61 (:key "M-j" :description "Indent and new comment line.")
62 (:key "M-:" :description "Lisp eval expression")
63 (:key "C-M-x" :description "Eval defun")
64 (:key "C-M-t" :description "Transpose balanced expressions")
65 (:key "C-x DEL" :description "Backward kill sentence")
66 (:key "C-x C-+" :description "Increase font size")
67 (:key "C-x C--" :description "Decrease font size"))