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  1<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
  2<HTML dir=ltr lang=en xml:lang="en"
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 30<H1><A title="ALA Geospatial Portal Help"
 31href=""><SPAN>ALA Geospatial Portal
 32Help</SPAN></A></H1></DIV></DIV><!-- /header -->
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 36<FORM id=search-block-form accept-charset=UTF-8 method=post action=/drupal/>
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 39<DIV id=edit-search-block-form-1-wrapper class=form-item><LABEL
 40for=edit-search-block-form-1>Search this site: </LABEL><INPUT
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 50<UL class=menu>
 51  <LI class="expanded last active-trail"><A class=active title="How do I?..."
 52  href="">How do I?...</A>
 53  <UL class=menu>
 54    <LI class="leaf first"><A title="Plot the distribution of species on the Map"
 55    href="">Plot the distribution of species on the Map</A></LI>
 56    <LI class=leaf><A title="Find out what species live in a particular area"
 57    href="">Find out what species live in a particular area</A></LI>
 58    <LI class=leaf><A title="Change layer pallette"
 59    href="">List all observation of all species within an area</A></LI>
 60    <LI class=leaf><A title="Interact with data on OPeNDAP server"
 61    href="">List all observation of all species within an area</A></LI>
 62    <LI class=leaf><A title="Plot named geographic features on the Map"
 63    href="">Plot named geographic features on the Map</A></LI>
 64    <LI class=leaf><A title="Sample environmental and contextual data at species locations"
 65    href="">Sample environmental and contextual data at species locations</A></LI>
 66    <LI class=leaf><A title="Predict where a species could occur on the Map"
 67    href="">Predict where a species could occur on the Map</A></LI>
 68    <LI class=leaf><A title="Classify the environments in an area"
 69    href="">Classify the environments in an area</A></LI>
 70    <LI class=leaf><A title="Modify and Manage the appearance of mapped data"
 71    href="">Modify and Manage the appearance of mapped data</A></LI>
 72    <LI class=leaf><A title="Print maps"
 73    href="">Print maps</A></LI>
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 79<H2>How do I?...</H2>
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 89width=16 height=16>Printer-friendly version</A></SPAN></SPAN>
 90<P>Use the Search box or links to the left to find the topic you are interested
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 95<UL class="links inline">
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106  friend</A></LI></UL></DIV></DIV></DIV></DIV>
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109</DIV></DIV></DIV></DIV></DIV></DIV><!-- /.left-corner, /.right-corner, /#squeeze, /#center --></DIV><!-- /container --></DIV><!-- /layout --></BODY></HTML>