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1I'm more than satisfied with this scale.  I was concerned that I would have to buy a more expensive scale to get good accuracy (see reviews of other digital scales in this price range,) but I've tested it several times over several days, and my weight varies by 2 pounds or less over the course of the day.  My first weigh-in of the day is pretty much the same as previous mornings, sadly.
3The neutral color (grey) and glass would blend in well with just about any decor, and the LCD screen is easy to read, with 1.5 inch high numbers.
5The only thing I don't like about it is that it creaks quite a lot when I step on it, even though I'm nowhere near its 330 pound maximum load.  That problem is in my head more than in the scale: I don't think it's going to break, but it sounds like I've got two people standing on it at once--I'm not THAT fat, am I?
7An added feature is that when I'm craving, I go into the bathroom and look at it, and know that it isn't going to fall for any of my excuses tomorrow morning.  So the last piece of cake still sits in the fridge.  The scale has intimidated me into not eating it.
9Accurate, easy to read, easy on the eyes, and intimidating--I think it's a good deal