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  1### 2.14.8 / 2014-02-27
  2[Full Changelog](
  4Bug fixes:
  6* Fix regression with the `TextMateFormatter` that prevented backtrace links
  7  from being clickable. (Stefan Daschek)
  9### 2.14.7 / 2013-10-29
 10[full changelog](
 12Bug fixes:
 14* Fix regression in 2.14.6 that broke the Fivemat formatter.
 15  It depended upon either
 16  `example.execution_result[:exception].pending_fixed?` (which
 17  was removed in 2.14.6 to fix an issue with frozen error objects)
 18  or `RSpec::Core::PendingExampleFixedError` (which was renamed
 19  to `RSpec::Core::Pending::PendingExampleFixedError` in 2.8.
 20  This fix makes a constant alias for the old error name.
 21  (Myron Marston)
 23### 2.14.6 / 2013-10-15
 24[full changelog](
 26Bug fixes:
 28* Format stringified numbers correctly when mathn library is loaded.
 29  (Jay Hayes)
 30* Fix an issue that prevented the use of frozen error objects. (Lars Gierth)
 32### 2.14.5 / 2013-08-13
 33[full changelog](
 35Bug fixes:
 37* Fix a `NoMethodError` that was being raised when there were no shared
 38  examples or contexts declared and `` is invoked.
 39  (thepoho, Jon Rowe, Myron Marston)
 40* Fix a deprecation warning that was being incorrectly displayed when
 41  `shared_examples` are declared at top level in a `module` scope.
 42  (Jon Rowe)
 43* Fix after(:all) hooks so consecutive (same context) scopes will run even if
 44  one raises an error. (Jon Rowe, Trejkaz)
 45* JsonFormatter no longer dies if `dump_profile` isn't defined (Alex / @MasterLambaster, Jon Rowe)
 47### 2.14.4 / 2013-07-21
 48[full changelog](
 50Bug fixes
 52* Fix regression in 2.14: ensure configured requires (via `-r` option)
 53  are loaded before spec files are loaded. This allows the spec files
 54  to programatically change the file pattern (Jon Rowe).
 55* Autoload `RSpec::Mocks` and `RSpec::Expectations` when referenced if
 56  they are not already loaded (`RSpec::Matches` has been autoloaded
 57  for a while). In the `rspec` gem, we changed it recently to stop
 58  loading `rspec/mocks` and `rspec/expectations` by default, as some
 59  users reported problems where they were intending to use mocha,
 60  not rspec-mocks, but rspec-mocks was loaded and causing a conflict.
 61  rspec-core loads mocks and expectations at the appropriate time, so
 62  it seemed like a safe change -- but caused a problem for some authors
 63  of libraries that integrate with RSpec. This fixes that problem.
 64  (Myron Marston)
 65* Gracefully handle a command like `rspec --profile path/to/spec.rb`:
 66  the `path/to/spec.rb` arg was being wrongly treated as the `profile`
 67  integer arg, which got cast `0` using `to_i`, causing no profiled
 68  examples to be printed. (Jon Rowe)
 70### 2.14.3 / 2013-07-13
 71[full changelog](
 73Bug fixes
 75* Fix deprecation notices issued from `RSpec::Core::RakeTask` so
 76  that they work properly when all of rspec-core is not loaded.
 77  (This was a regression in 2.14) (Jon Rowe)
 79### 2.14.2 / 2013-07-09
 80[full changelog](
 82Bug fixes
 84* Fix regression caused by 2.14.1 release: formatters that
 85  report that they `respond_to?` a notification, but had
 86  no corresponding method would raise an error when registered.
 87  The new fix is to just implement `start` on the deprecation
 88  formatter to fix the original JRuby/ruby-debug issue.
 89  (Jon Rowe)
 91### 2.14.1 / 2013-07-08
 92[full changelog](
 94Bug fixes
 96* Address deprecation formatter failure when using `ruby-debug` on
 97  JRuby: fix `RSpec::Core::Reporter` to not send a notification
 98  when the formatter's implementation of the notification method
 99  comes from `Kernel` (Alex Portnov, Jon Rowe).
101### 2.14.0 / 2013-07-06
102[full changelog](
106* Apply focus to examples defined with `fit` (equivalent of
107  `it "description", focus: true`) (Michael de Silva)
109Bug fixes
111* Ensure methods defined by `let` take precedence over others
112  when there is a name collision (e.g. from an included module).
113  (Jon Rowe, Andy Lindeman and Myron Marston)
115### 2.14.0.rc1 / 2013-05-27
116[full changelog](
120* Improved Windows detection inside Git Bash, for better `--color` handling.
121* Add profiling of the slowest example groups to `--profile` option.
122  The output is sorted by the slowest average example groups.
123* Don't show slow examples if there's a failure and both `--fail-fast`
124  and `--profile` options are used (Paweł Gościcki).
125* Rather than always adding `spec` to the load path, add the configured
126  `--default-path` to the load path (which defaults to `spec`). This
127  better supports folks who choose to put their specs in a different
128  directory (John Feminella).
129* Add some logic to test time duration precision. Make it a
130  function of time, dropping precision as the time increases. (Aaron Kromer)
131* Add new `backtrace_inclusion_patterns` config option. Backtrace lines
132  that match one of these patterns will _always_ be included in the
133  backtrace, even if they match an exclusion pattern, too (Sam Phippen).
134* Support ERB trim mode using the `-` when parsing `.rspec` as ERB
135  (Gabor Garami).
136* Give a better error message when let and subject are called without a block.
137  (Sam Phippen).
138* List the precedence of `.rspec-local` in the configuration documentation
139  (Sam Phippen)
140* Support `{a,b}` shell expansion syntax in `--pattern` option
141  (Konstantin Haase).
142* Add cucumber documentation for --require command line option
143  (Bradley Schaefer)
144* Expose configruation options via config:
145  * `config.libs` returns the libs configured to be added onto the load path
146  * `full_backtrace?` returns the state of the backtrace cleaner
147  * `debug?` returns true when the debugger is loaded
148  * `line_numbers` returns the line numbers we are filtering by (if any)
149  * `full_description` returns the RegExp used to filter descriptions
150  (Jon Rowe)
151* Add setters for and RSpec.configuration (Alex Soulim)
152* Configure ruby's warning behaviour with `--warnings` (Jon Rowe)
153* Fix an obscure issue on old versions of `1.8.7` where `Time.dup` wouldn't
154  allow access to `` (Jon Rowe)
155* Make `shared_examples_for` context aware, so that keys may be safely reused
156  in multiple contexts without colliding. (Jon Rowe)
157* Add a configurable `deprecation_stream` (Jon Rowe)
158* Publish deprecations through a formatter (David Chelimsky)
160Bug fixes
162* Make JSON formatter behave the same when it comes to `--profile` as
163  the text formatter (Paweł Gościcki).
164* Fix named subjects so that if an inner group defines a method that
165  overrides the named method, `subject` still retains the originally
166  declared value (Myron Marston).
167* Fix random ordering so that it does not cause `rand` in examples in
168  nested sibling contexts to return the same value (Max Shytikov).
169* Use the new `backtrace_inclusion_patterns` config option to ensure
170  that folks who develop code in a directory matching one of the default
171  exclusion patterns (e.g. `gems`) still get the normal backtrace
172  filtering (Sam Phippen).
173* Fix ordering of `before` hooks so that `before` hooks declared in
174  `RSpec.configure` run before `before` hooks declared in a shared
175  context (Michi Huber and Tejas Dinkar).
176* Fix `Example#full_description` so that it gets filled in by the last
177  matcher description (as `Example#description` already did) when no
178  doc string has been provided (David Chelimsky).
179* Fix the memoized methods (`let` and `subject`) leaking `define_method`
180  as a `public` method. (Thomas Holmes and Jon Rowe) (#873)
181* Fix warnings coming from the test suite. (Pete Higgins)
185* Deprecate `Configuration#backtrace_clean_patterns` in favor of
186  `Configuration#backtrace_exclusion_patterns` for greater consistency
187  and symmetry with new `backtrace_inclusion_patterns` config option
188  (Sam Phippen).
189* Deprecate `Configuration#requires=` in favor of using ruby's
190  `require`. Requires specified by the command line can still be
191  accessed by the `Configuration#require` reader. (Bradley Schaefer)
192* Deprecate calling `SharedExampleGroups` defined across sibling contexts
193  (Jon Rowe)
195### 2.13.1 / 2013-03-12
196[full changelog](
198Bug fixes
200* Use hook classes as proxies rather than extending hook blocks to support
201  lambdas for before/after/around hooks. (David Chelimsky)
202* Fix regression in 2.13.0 that caused confusing behavior when overriding
203  a named subject with an unnamed subject in an inner group and then
204  referencing the outer group subject's name. The fix for this required
205  us to disallow using `super` in a named subject (which is confusing,
206  anyway -- named subjects create 2 methods, so which method on the
207  parent example group are you `super`ing to?) but `super` in an unnamed
208  subject continues to work (Myron Marston).
209* Do not allow a referenced `let` or `subject` in `before(:all)` to cause
210  other `let` declarations to leak across examples (Myron Marston).
211* Work around odd ruby 1.9 bug with `String#match` that was triggered
212  by passing it a regex from a `let` declaration. For more info, see
213 (Aaron Kromer).
214* Add missing `require 'set'` to `base_text_formatter.rb` (Tom
215  Anderson).
219* Deprecate accessing `let` or `subject` declarations in `before(:all)`.
220  These were not intended to be called in a `before(:all)` hook, as
221  they exist to define state that is reset between each example, while
222  `before(:all)` exists to define state that is shared across examples
223  in an example group (Myron Marston).
225### 2.13.0 / 2013-02-23
226[full changelog](
230* Allow `--profile` option to take a count argument that
231  determines the number of slow examples to dump
232  (Greggory Rothmeier).
233* Add `subject!` that is the analog to `let!`. It defines an
234  explicit subject and sets a `before` hook that will invoke
235  the subject (Zubin Henner).
236* Fix `let` and `subject` declaration so that `super`
237  and `return` can be used in them, just like in a normal
238  method. (Myron Marston)
239* Allow output colors to be configured individually.
240  (Charlie Maffitt)
241* Always dump slow examples when `--profile` option is given,
242  even when an example failed (Myron Marston).
244Bug fixes
246* Don't blow up when dumping error output for instances
247  of anonymous error classes (Myron Marston).
248* Fix default backtrace filters so lines from projects
249  containing "gems" in the name are not filtered, but
250  lines from installed gems still are (Myron Marston).
251* Fix autotest command so that is uses double quotes
252  rather than single quotes for windows compatibility
253  (Jonas Tingeborn).
254* Fix `its` so that uses of `subject` in a `before` or `let`
255  declaration in the parent group continue to reference the
256  parent group's subject. (Olek Janiszewski)
258### 2.12.2 / 2012-12-13
259[full changelog](
261Bug fixes
263* Fix `RSpec::Core::RakeTask` so that it is compatible with rake 0.8.7
264  on ruby 1.8.7. We had accidentally broke it in the 2.12 release
265  (Myron Marston).
266* Fix `RSpec::Core::RakeTask` so it is tolerant of the `Rspec` constant
267  for backwards compatibility (Patrick Van Stee)
269### 2.12.1 / 2012-12-01
270[full changelog](
272Bug fixes
274* Specs are run even if another at\_exit hook calls `exit`. This allows
275  Test::Unit and RSpec to run together. (Suraj N. Kurapati)
276* Fix full doc string concatenation so that it handles the case of a
277  method string (e.g. "#foo") being nested under a context string
278  (e.g. "when it is tuesday"), so that we get "when it is tuesday #foo"
279  rather than "when it is tuesday#foo". (Myron Marston)
280* Restore public API I unintentionally broke in 2.12.0:
281  `RSpec::Core::Formatters::BaseFormatter#format_backtrce(backtrace, example)`
282  (Myron Marston).
284### 2.12.0 / 2012-11-12
285[full changelog](
289* Add support for custom ordering strategies for groups and examples.
290  (Myron Marston)
291* JSON Formatter (Alex Chaffee)
292* Refactor rake task internals (Sam Phippen)
293* Refactor HtmlFormatter (Pete Hodgson)
294* Autotest supports a path to Ruby that contains spaces (dsisnero)
295* Provide a helpful warning when a shared example group is redefined.
296  (Mark Burns).
297* `--default_path` can be specified as `--default-line`. `--line_number` can be
298  specified as `--line-number`. Hyphens are more idiomatic command line argument
299  separators (Sam Phippen).
300* A more useful error message is shown when an invalid command line option is
301  used (Jordi Polo).
302* Add `format_docstrings { |str| }` config option. It can be used to
303  apply formatting rules to example group and example docstrings.
304  (Alex Tan)
305* Add support for an `.rspec-local` options file. This is intended to
306  allow individual developers to set options in a git-ignored file that
307  override the common project options in `.rspec`. (Sam Phippen)
308* Support for mocha 0.13.0. (Andy Lindeman)
310Bug fixes
312* Remove override of `ExampleGroup#ancestors`. This is a core ruby method that
313  RSpec shouldn't override. Instead, define `ExampleGroup#parent_groups`. (Myron
314  Marston)
315* Limit monkey patching of shared example/context declaration methods
316  (`shared_examples_for`, etc.) to just the objects that need it rather than
317  every object in the system (Myron Marston).
318* Fix Metadata#fetch to support computed values (Sam Goldman).
319* Named subject can now be referred to from within subject block in a nested
320  group (tomykaira).
321* Fix `fail_fast` so that it properly exits when an error occurs in a
322  `before(:all) hook` (Bradley Schaefer).
323* Make the order spec files are loaded consistent, regardless of the
324  order of the files returned by the OS or the order passed at
325  the command line (Jo Liss and Sam Phippen).
326* Ensure instance variables from `before(:all)` are always exposed
327  from `after(:all)`, even if an error occurs in `before(:all)`
328  (Sam Phippen).
329* `rspec --init` no longer generates an incorrect warning about `--configure`
330  being deprecated (Sam Phippen).
331* Fix pluralization of `1 seconds` (Odin Dutton)
332* Fix ANSICON url (Jarmo Pertman)
333* Use dup of Time so reporting isn't clobbered by examples that modify Time
334  without properly restoring it. (David Chelimsky)
338* `share_as` is no longer needed. `shared_context` and/or
339  `RSpec::SharedContext` provide better mechanisms (Sam Phippen).
340* Deprecate `RSpec.configuration` with a block (use `RSpec.configure`).
343### 2.11.1 / 2012-07-18
344[full changelog](
346Bug fixes
348* Fix the way we autoload RSpec::Matchers so that custom matchers can be
349  defined before rspec-core has been configured to definitely use
350  rspec-expectations. (Myron Marston)
351* Fix typo in --help message printed for -e option. (Jo Liss)
352* Fix ruby warnings. (Myron Marston)
353* Ignore mock expectation failures when the example has already failed.
354  Mock expectation failures have always been ignored in this situation,
355  but due to my changes in 27059bf1 it was printing a confusing message.
356  (Myron Marston).
358### 2.11.0 / 2012-07-07
359[full changelog](
363* Support multiple `--example` options. (Daniel Doubrovkine @dblock)
364* Named subject e.g. `subject(:article) { }`
365    * see [](
366      for background.
367    * thanks to Bradley Schaefer for suggesting it and Avdi Grimm for almost
368      suggesting it.
369* `config.mock_with` and `config.expect_with` yield custom config object to a
370  block if given
371    * aids decoupling from rspec-core's configuation
372* `include_context` and `include_examples` support a block, which gets eval'd
373  in the current context (vs the nested context generated by `it_behaves_like`).
374* Add `config.order = 'random'` to the `spec_helper.rb` generated by `rspec
375  --init`.
376* Delay the loading of DRb (Myron Marston).
377* Limit monkey patching of `describe` onto just the objects that need it rather
378  than every object in the system (Myron Marston).
380Bug fixes
382* Support alternative path separators. For example, on Windows, you can now do
383  this: `rspec spec\subdir`. (Jarmo Pertman @jarmo)
384* When an example raises an error and an after or around hook does as
385  well, print out the hook error. Previously, the error was silenced and
386  the user got no feedback about what happened. (Myron Marston)
387* `--require` and `-I` are merged among different configuration sources (Andy
388  Lindeman)
389* Delegate to mocha methods instead of aliasing them in mocha adapter.
391### 2.10.1 / 2012-05-19
392[full changelog](
394Bug fixes
396* `RSpec.reset` properly reinits configuration and world
397* Call `to_s` before `split` on exception messages that might not always be
398  Strings (slyphon)
400### 2.10.0 / 2012-05-03
401[full changelog](
405* Add `prepend_before` and `append_after` hooks (preethiramdev)
406    * intended for extension libs
407    * restores rspec-1 behavior
408* Reporting of profiled examples (moro)
409    * Report the total amount of time taken for the top slowest examples.
410    * Report what percentage the slowest examples took from the total runtime.
412Bug fixes
414* Properly parse `SPEC_OPTS` options.
415* `example.description` returns the location of the example if there is no
416  explicit description or matcher-generated description.
417* RDoc fixes (Grzegorz Świrski)
418* Do not modify example ancestry when dumping errors (Michael Grosser)
420### 2.9.0 / 2012-03-17
421[full changelog](
425* Support for "X minutes X seconds" spec run duration in formatter. (uzzz)
426* Strip whitespace from group and example names in doc formatter.
427* Removed spork-0.9 shim. If you're using spork-0.8.x, you'll need to upgrade
428  to 0.9.0.
430Bug fixes
432* Restore `--full_backtrace` option
433* Ensure that values passed to `config.filter_run` are respected when running
434  over DRb (using spork).
435* Ensure shared example groups are reset after a run (as example groups are).
436* Remove `rescue false` from calls to filters represented as Procs
437* Ensure `described_class` gets the closest constant (pyromaniac)
438* In "autorun", don't run the specs in the `at_exit` hook if there was an
439  exception (most likely due to a SyntaxError). (sunaku)
440* Don't extend groups with modules already used to extend ancestor groups.
441* `its` correctly memoizes nil or false values (Yamada Masaki)
443### 2.8.0 / 2012-01-04
445[full changelog](
447Bug fixes
449* For metadata filtering, restore passing the entire array to the proc, rather
450  than each item in the array (weidenfreak)
451* Ensure each spec file is loaded only once
452    * Fixes a bug that caused all the examples in a file to be run when
453      referenced twice with line numbers in a command, e.g.
454        * `rspec path/to/file:37 path/to/file:42`
456### 2.8.0.rc2 / 2011-12-19
458[full changelog](
462* new `--init` command (Peter Schröder)
463    * generates `spec/spec_helper.rb`
464    * deletes obsolete files (on confirmation)
465    * merged with and deprecates `--configure` command, which generated
466      `.rspec`
467* use `require_relative` when available (Ian Leitch)
468* `include_context` and `include_examples` accept params (Calvin Bascom)
469* print the time for every example in the html formatter (Richie Vos)
470* several tasty refactoring niblets (Sasha)
471* `it "does something", :x => [:foo,'bar',/baz/] (Ivan Neverov)
472    * supports matching n command line tag values with an example or group
474### 2.8.0.rc1 / 2011-11-06
476[full changelog](
480* `--order` (Justin Ko)
481    * run examples in random order: `--order rand`
482    * specify the seed: `--order rand:123`
483* `--seed SEED`
484    * equivalent of `--order rand:SEED`
485* SharedContext supports `let` (David Chelimsky)
486* Filter improvements (David Chelimsky)
487    * override opposing tags from the command line
488    * override RSpec.configure tags from the command line
489    * `--line_number 37` overrides all other filters
490    * `path/to/file.rb:37` overrides all other filters
491    * refactor: consolidate filter management in a FilterManger object
492* Eliminate Ruby warnings (Matijs van Zuijlen)
493* Make an API (David Chelimsky)
494    * supports extension tools like interative_rspec
498* change `config.color_enabled` (getter/setter/predicate) to `color` to align
499  with `--[no]-color` CLI option.
500    * `color_enabled` is still supported for now, but will likley be deprecated
501      in a 2.x release so we can remove it in 3.0.
503Bug fixes
505* Make sure the `bar` in `--tag foo:bar` makes it to DRb (Aaron Gibralter)
506* Fix bug where full descriptions of groups nested 3 deep  were repeated.
507* Restore report of time to run to start after files are loaded.
508    * fixes bug where run times were cumalitive in spork
509    * fixes compatibility with time-series metrics
510* Don't error out when `config.mock_with` or `expect_with` is re-specifying the
511  current config (Myron Marston)
513* Deprecations
514    * :alias option on `configuration.add_setting`. Use `:alias_with` on the
515      original setting declaration instead.
517### 2.7.1 / 2011-10-20
519[full changelog](
521Bug fixes
523* tell autotest the correct place to find the rspec executable
525### 2.7.0 / 2011-10-16
527[full changelog](
529NOTE: RSpec's release policy dictates that there should not be any backward
530incompatible changes in minor releases, but we're making an exception to
531release a change to how RSpec interacts with other command line tools.
533As of 2.7.0, you must explicity `require "rspec/autorun"` unless you use the
534`rspec` command (which already does this for you).
538* Add `example.exception` (David Chelimsky)
539* `--default_path` command line option (Justin Ko)
540* support multiple `--line_number` options (David J. Hamilton)
541    * also supports `path/to/file.rb:5:9` (runs examples on lines 5 and 9)
542* Allow classes/modules to be used as shared example group identifiers (Arthur
543  Gunn)
544* Friendly error message when shared context cannot be found (Sławosz
545  Sławiński)
546* Clear formatters when resetting config (John Bintz)
547* Add `xspecify` and xexample as temp-pending methods (David Chelimsky)
548* Add `--no-drb` option (Iain Hecker)
549* Provide more accurate run time by registering start time before code is
550  loaded (David Chelimsky)
551    * reverted in 2.8.0
552* Rake task default pattern finds specs in symlinked dirs (Kelly Felkins)
553* Rake task no longer does anything to invoke bundler since Bundler already
554  handles it for us. Thanks to Andre Arko for the tip.
555* Add `--failure-exit-code` option (Chris Griego)
557Bug fixes
559* Include `Rake::DSL` to remove deprecation warnings in Rake > 0.8.7 (Pivotal
560  Casebook)
561* Only eval `let` block once even if it returns `nil` (Adam Meehan)
562* Fix `--pattern` option (wasn't being recognized) (David Chelimsky)
563* Only implicitly `require "rspec/autorun"` with the `rspec` command (David
564  Chelimsky)
565* Ensure that rspec's `at_exit` defines the exit code (Daniel Doubrovkine)
566* Show the correct snippet in the HTML and TextMate formatters (Brian Faherty)
568### 2.6.4 / 2011-06-06
570[full changelog](
572NOTE: RSpec's release policy dictates that there should not be new
573functionality in patch releases, but this minor enhancement slipped in by
574accident.  As it doesn't add a new API, we decided to leave it in rather than
575roll back this release.
579* Add summary of commands to run individual failed examples.
581Bug fixes
583* Support exclusion filters in DRb. (Yann Lugrin)
584* Fix --example escaping when run over DRb. (Elliot Winkler)
585* Use standard ANSI codes for color formatting so colors work in a wider set of
586  color schemes.
588### 2.6.3 / 2011-05-24
590[full changelog](
592Bug fixes
594* Explicitly convert exit code to integer, avoiding TypeError when return
595  value of run is IO object proxied by `DRb::DRbObject` (Julian Scheid)
596* Clarify behavior of `--example` command line option
597* Build using a rubygems-1.6.2 to avoid downstream yaml parsing error
599### 2.6.2 / 2011-05-21
601[full changelog](
603Bug fixes
605* Warn rather than raise when HOME env var is not defined
606* Properly merge command-line exclusions with default :if and :unless (joshcooper)
608### 2.6.1 / 2011-05-19
610[full changelog](
612Bug fixes
614* Don't extend nil when filters are nil
615* `require 'rspec/autorun'` when running rcov.
617### 2.6.0 / 2011-05-12
619[full changelog](
623* `shared_context` (Damian Nurzynski)
624    * extend groups matching specific metadata with:
625        * method definitions
626        * subject declarations
627        * let/let! declarations
628        * etc (anything you can do in a group)
629* `its([:key])` works for any subject with #[]. (Peter Jaros)
630* `treat_symbols_as_metadata_keys_with_true_values` (Myron Marston)
631* Print a deprecation warning when you configure RSpec after defining an
632  example.  All configuration should happen before any examples are defined.
633  (Myron Marston)
634* Pass the exit status of a DRb run to the invoking process. This causes specs
635  run via DRb to not just return true or false. (Ilkka Laukkanen)
636* Refactoring of `ConfigurationOptions#parse_options` (Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas)
637* Report excluded filters in runner output (tip from andyl)
638* Clean up messages for filters/tags.
639* Restore --pattern/-P command line option from rspec-1
640* Support false as well as true in config.full_backtrace= (Andreas Tolf
641  Tolfsen)
643Bug fixes
645* Don't stumble over an exception without a message (Hans Hasselberg)
646* Remove non-ascii characters from comments that were choking rcov (Geoffrey
647  Byers)
648* Fixed backtrace so it doesn't include lines from before the autorun at_exit
649  hook (Myron Marston)
650* Include RSpec::Matchers when first example group is defined, rather than just
651  before running the examples.  This works around an obscure bug in ruby 1.9
652  that can cause infinite recursion. (Myron Marston)
653* Don't send `example_group_[started|finished]` to formatters for empty groups.
654* Get specs passing on jruby (Sidu Ponnappa)
655* Fix bug where mixing nested groups and outer-level examples gave
656  unpredictable :line_number behavior (Artur Małecki)
657* Regexp.escape the argument to --example (tip from Elliot Winkler)
658* Correctly pass/fail pending block with message expectations
659* CommandLine returns exit status (0/1) instead of true/false
660* Create path to formatter output file if it doesn't exist (marekj).
663### 2.5.1 / 2011-02-06
665[full changelog](
667NOTE: this release breaks compatibility with rspec/autotest/bundler
668integration, but does so in order to greatly simplify it.
670With this release, if you want the generated autotest command to include
671'bundle exec', require Autotest's bundler plugin in a .autotest file in the
672project's root directory or in your home directory:
674    require "autotest/bundler"
676Now you can just type 'autotest' on the commmand line and it will work as you expect.
678If you don't want 'bundle exec', there is nothing you have to do.
680### 2.5.0 / 2011-02-05
682[full changelog](
686* Autotest::Rspec2 parses command line args passed to autotest after '--'
687* --skip-bundler option for autotest command
688* Autotest regexp fixes (Jon Rowe)
689* Add filters to html and textmate formatters (Daniel Quimper)
690* Explicit passing of block (need for JRuby 1.6) (John Firebaugh)
692Bug fixes
694* fix dom IDs in HTML formatter (Brian Faherty)
695* fix bug with --drb + formatters when not running in drb
696* include --tag options in drb args (monocle)
697* fix regression so now SPEC_OPTS take precedence over CLI options again (Roman
698  Chernyatchik)
699* only call its(:attribute) once (failing example from Brian Dunn)
700* fix bizarre bug where rspec would hang after String.alias :to_int :to_i
701  (Damian Nurzynski)
705* implicit inclusion of 'bundle exec' when Gemfile present (use autotest's
706  bundler plugin instead)
708### 2.4.0 / 2011-01-02
710[full changelog](
714* start the debugger on -d so the stack trace is visible when it stops
715  (Clifford Heath)
716* apply hook filtering to examples as well as groups (Myron Marston)
717* support multiple formatters, each with their own output
718* show exception classes in failure messages unless they come from RSpec
719  matchers or message expectations
720* before(:all) { pending } sets all examples to pending
722Bug fixes
724* fix bug due to change in behavior of reject in Ruby 1.9.3-dev (Shota
725  Fukumori)
726* fix bug when running in jruby: be explicit about passing block to super (John
727  Firebaugh)
728* rake task doesn't choke on paths with quotes (Janmejay Singh)
729* restore --options option from rspec-1
730* require 'ostruct' to fix bug with its([key]) (Kim Burgestrand)
731* --configure option generates .rspec file instead of autotest/discover.rb
733### 2.3.1 / 2010-12-16
735[full changelog](
737Bug fixes
739* send debugger warning message to $stdout if RSpec.configuration.error_stream
740  has not been defined yet.
741* HTML Formatter _finally_ properly displays nested groups (Jarmo Pertman)
742* eliminate some warnings when running RSpec's own suite (Jarmo Pertman)
744### 2.3.0 / 2010-12-12
746[full changelog](
750* tell autotest to use "rspec2" if it sees a .rspec file in the project's root
751  directory
752    * replaces the need for ./autotest/discover.rb, which will not work with
753      all versions of ZenTest and/or autotest
754* config.expect_with
755    * :rspec          # => rspec/expectations
756    * :stdlib         # => test/unit/assertions
757    * :rspec, :stdlib # => both
759Bug fixes
761* fix dev Gemfile to work on non-mac-os machines (Lake Denman)
762* ensure explicit subject is only eval'd once (Laszlo Bacsi)
764### 2.2.1 / 2010-11-28
766[full changelog](
768Bug fixes
769* alias_method instead of override Kernel#method_missing (John Wilger)
770* changed --autotest to --tty in generated command (MIKAMI Yoshiyuki)
771* revert change to debugger (had introduced conflict with Rails)
772    * also restored --debugger/-debug option
774### 2.2.0 / 2010-11-28
776[full changelog](
780* --debug/-d on command line is deprecated and now has no effect
781* win32console is now ignored; Windows users must use ANSICON for color support
782  (Bosko Ivanisevic)
786* When developing locally rspec-core now works with the rspec-dev setup or your
787  local gems
788* Raise exception with helpful message when rspec-1 is loaded alongside rspec-2
789  (Justin Ko)
790* debugger statements _just work_ as long as ruby-debug is installed
791  * otherwise you get warned, but not fired
792* Expose example.metadata in around hooks
793* Performance improvments (much faster now)
795Bug fixes
797* Make sure --fail-fast makes it across drb
798* Pass -Ilib:spec to rcov
800### 2.1.0 / 2010-11-07
802[full changelog](
806* Add skip_bundler option to rake task to tell rake task to ignore the presence
807  of a Gemfile (jfelchner)
808* Add gemfile option to rake task to tell rake task what Gemfile to look for
809  (defaults to 'Gemfile')
810* Allow passing caller trace into Metadata to support extensions (Glenn
811  Vanderburg)
812* Add deprecation warning for Spec::Runner.configure to aid upgrade from
813  RSpec-1
814* Add deprecated Spec::Rake::SpecTask to aid upgrade from RSpec-1
815* Add 'autospec' command with helpful message to aid upgrade from RSpec-1
816* Add support for filtering with tags on CLI (Lailson Bandeira)
817* Add a helpful message about RUBYOPT when require fails in bin/rspec (slyphon)
818* Add "-Ilib" to the default rcov options (Tianyi Cui)
819* Make the expectation framework configurable (default rspec, of course)
820  (Justin Ko)
821* Add 'pending' to be conditional (Myron Marston)
822* Add explicit support for :if and :unless as metadata keys for conditional run
823  of examples (Myron Marston)
824* Add --fail-fast command line option (Jeff Kreeftmeijer)
826Bug fixes
828* Eliminate stack overflow with "subject { self }"
829* Require 'rspec/core' in the Raketask (ensures it required when running rcov)
831### 2.0.1 / 2010-10-18
833[full changelog](
835Bug fixes
837* Restore color when using spork + autotest
838* Pending examples without docstrings render the correct message (Josep M.
839  Bach)
840* Fixed bug where a failure in a spec file ending in anything but _spec.rb
841  would fail in a confusing way.
842* Support backtrace lines from erb templates in html formatter (Alex Crichton)
844### 2.0.0 / 2010-10-10
846[full changelog](
848RSpec-1 compatibility
850* Rake task uses ENV["SPEC"] as file list if present
852Bug fixes
854* Bug Fix: optparse --out foo.txt (Leonardo Bessa)
855* Suppress color codes for non-tty output (except autotest)
857### 2.0.0.rc / 2010-10-05
859[full changelog](
863* implicitly require unknown formatters so you don't have to require the file
864  explicitly on the commmand line (Michael Grosser)
865* add --out/-o option to assign output target
866* added fail_fast configuration option to abort on first failure
867* support a Hash subject (its([:key]) { should == value }) (Josep M. Bach)
869Bug fixes
871* Explicitly require rspec version to fix broken rdoc task (Hans de Graaff)
872* Ignore backtrace lines that come from other languages, like Java or
873  Javascript (Charles Lowell)
874* Rake task now does what is expected when setting (or not setting)
875  fail_on_error and verbose
876* Fix bug in which before/after(:all) hooks were running on excluded nested
877  groups (Myron Marston)
878* Fix before(:all) error handling so that it fails examples in nested groups,
879  too (Myron Marston)
881### 2.0.0.beta.22 / 2010-09-12
883[full changelog](
887* removed at_exit hook
888* CTRL-C stops the run (almost) immediately
889    * first it cleans things up by running the appropriate after(:all) and
890      after(:suite) hooks
891    * then it reports on any examples that have already run
892* cleaned up rake task
893    * generate correct task under variety of conditions
894    * options are more consistent
895    * deprecated redundant options
896* run 'bundle exec autotest' when Gemfile is present
897* support ERB in .rspec options files (Justin Ko)
898* depend on bundler for development tasks (Myron Marston)
899* add example_group_finished to formatters and reporter (Roman Chernyatchik)
901Bug fixes
903* support paths with spaces when using autotest (Andreas Neuhaus)
904* fix module_exec with ruby 1.8.6 (Myron Marston)
905* remove context method from top-level
906    * was conflicting with irb, for example
907* errors in before(:all) are now reported correctly (Chad Humphries)
911* removed -o --options-file command line option
912    * use ./.rspec and ~/.rspec