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1The Oral B EB417 dual head power brush replacement does a great job of getting into tight places, reaching back teeth, removing plaque, has a nice gum massage action, and leaves your mouth and teeth feeling clean and very refreshed. The two heads work twice as good as one, but may take some getting used to if your used to a single brush head. 
3Using it by gently guiding it over your teeth, and letting it do all the work, it will last a long time too. It was nearly three months before I had to replace mine. Most Oral B brushes are interchangeable with all Oral B units. This one though, according to the buying info here, may not be used with the Cross Action brush. It will also indicate when it's time for replacement by the fading colors of the bristles.(the box shows as good picture of new and used). Just a little of your favorite toothpaste goes a long way too!
5It's a 5 star product, but unless you are just one person who just wants to try it out, the better buy would be to purchase the three pack. It's almost like getting one free. My pack also came with different color rings, that fit on the brush at the base and is nice for families to tell the brushes apart. It's nice to have a spare for unexpected guests as well.
7Keep Smiling....Laurie