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 1This repository reflects the monthly releases of the Delta Engine.
 2Each version is tagged with the version number like v0.9.0, v0.9.1, etc.
 3Please also read the License.txt for the license agreement you have to accept
 4before downloading or using the Delta Engine!
 6More information can be found in the wiki:
 7See about upcoming and past releases.
 9Please note that we are still in beta mode, which means many parts of the engine
10are not fully released yet. Each month a new version with more features and
11bug fixes comes out. We plan to add one sample game, tool or platform each
12month. Feedback, bug fixes, features and code changes are appreciated, just
13create a fork on Codeplex:
14Open Source Forks and our repositories are merged for every monthly version.
16For bug reports just write an email to with a detailed
17description please. We will also have a bug portal open soon at:
20If you just want to use the Dlls, just reference them in your project,
21for the source code check out the DeltaEngine.sln in Visual Studio 2010 or
22any other IDE that can handle .cs files.