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 4<title>Contacting authors</title>
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10<h1>Contacting authors</h1>
12The JEDI Code Library is built upon donations by various individuals. In the
13documentation for each subroutine or class you will find who the author of that
14particular code is by looking in the "Quick Info" section. However,
15generically speaking, you should <b>never contact an author</b> regarding code included
16in this library. There are various reasons for this with the two most prominent
17being that some authors explicitly requested this and because "author" means
18different things in different context. Usually "author" means that the described
19code was donated to the JCL by that individual and included after reformatting and
20only minor modifications. However, sometimes code was significantly altered,
21rewritten several times or 'merely' based upon or inspired by code from that
22individual. Consequently there exist several routines which in no way resemble
23the original code as it was donated by the "author". Nevertheless, the individual
24that orginally donated the code is still documented as the author.
26In general, if you like some routine very much and it has proven to work correctly:
27be grateful to the author (in thought, not by sending him or her an e-mail). On
28the other hand, if some routine turns out to be buggy, incorrect or for whatever
29reason is not to your liking: complain to me. It was most likely we who screwed
30it up and introduced those bugs into code that was working perfectly until we got
31our hands on it! To report bugs, use Project JEDI's
32<a href="">Issue Tracker</a>.
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