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Possible License(s): LGPL-2.0, LGPL-2.1, LGPL-3.0
 1New Free Pascal OpenGL (GL, GLU, GLUT, GLX) Units
 2GLX unit (c) 1999-2002 Sebastian Guenther,
 3other units adapted to Free Pascal from the units
 4by Tom Nuydens (, see
 6You might have a look at the original readme, glunits.txt, as well 
 9Some remarks:
10* The new OpenGL units are not 100% compatible to the old ones; the new units
11  use exactly the same function declarations as their C counterpart.
12* Platform compatiblity: You can work on all targets exactly as on Win32;
13  for example, you can use wglGetProcAddress for loading OpenGL extensions even
14  on Unix based systems. A future release of the glext unit might have helper
15  functions for loading specific extensions. (There is a small problem with
16  Free Pascal: In FPC mode, you cannot assign a pointer, as returned by
17  wglGetProcAddress, to a variable which holds a function pointer. Currently
18  you have to compile your programs in Delphi mode, if they are using OpenGL
19  extensions)
20* GLUT on Win32: Get the glut32.dll from here:
22* GTKGLArea: The GL Area widget for GTK is available in the GTK package