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 1# Contributing to Goodie
 3At DuckDuckGo, we truly appreciate our community members taking the time to contribute to our open-source repositories. In an effort to ensure contributions are easy for you to make and for us to manage, we have written some guidelines that we ask our contributors to follow so that we can handle pull requests in a timely manner with as little friction as possible.
 5## Getting Started
 7Before you can do anything, you first need a [GitHub account]( This is required because we use GitHub to handle all incoming *Pull Requests* (code modifications) and *Issues* (bug reports) which cannot be made without a GitHub account.
 9## Submitting a **Bug** or **Suggestion**
11- Firstly, please make sure the bug is related to the Goodie repository. If this bug is about the DuckDuckGo API, or the relevancy of our search results, please visit our feedback page at <>. If you're unsure, its best to use the feedback page (your message will be passed along to the correct people).
13- Check the Goodie [issues]( to see if an issue already exists for the given bug or suggestion
14  - If one doesn't exist, create a GitHub issue in the Goodie repository
15    - Clearly describe the bug/improvemnt, including steps to reproduce when it is a bug
16  - If one already exists, please add any additional comments you have regarding the matter
18If you're submitting a **pull request** (bugfix/addition):
19- Fork the Goodie repository on GitHub
21## Making Changes
23- Before making any changes, refer to the [DuckDuckHack Styleguide]( to ensure your changes are made in the correct fashion
24- Make sure your commits are of a reasonable size. They shouldn't be too big (or too small)
25- Make sure your commit messages effectively explain what changes have been made, and please identify which instant answer or file has been modified:
27  ```shell
28 - Added the example commit message because it was missing
29  ```
31  is much better than:
33  ```shell
34  <bad_commit_example>
35  ```
37- Make sure you have added the necessary tests for your changes
38    - When modifying the triggers, update existing tests and add some new tests to show it works as expected
39    - When modifying the result, update existing tests accordingly
40- Run `dzil test` (executes all tests in t/) to ensure nothing else was accidentally broken
41- If your change affects an instant answer, remember to add yourself to the Metadata attribution list in the appropriate `.pm` file
43## Submitting Changes
451. Commit your changes.
47  ```shell
48  git commit -a -m "My first instant answer that does X is ready to go!"
49  ```
512. Get your commit history [how you like it](
53  ```shell
54  git rebase -i origin/master
55  ```
57  or
59  ```shell
60  git pull --rebase origin/master
61  ```
633. Push your forked repository back to GitHub.
65  ```shell
66  git push
67  ```
694. Add your info to the instant answer so we can give you credit for it on the [Goodies page]( You'll see your name or handle on the live site!
70Check out the [Metadata documentation]( for detailed instructions on how to include your name and links.
725. Go into GitHub and submit a [pull request!]( to the Goodie repository, making sure to use the Goodie repository's **[Pull Request Template](**. This will let us know about your changes and start the conversation about integrating it into the live code.