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 1External Libraries that can be used by the Delta Engine (all optional)
 4These are either just downloaded .dll files for the external projects or just
 5compiled from the vanilla source code (and maybe applying some minor patches)!
 7This is done to make updating to a newer version of any of these external
 8libraries as easy as possible, you can obviously just replace them yourself
 9and make sure it all still works in the Delta Engine (all the wrapper modules
10for all external libraries are always available as public open source).
12However, please remember that while developing you will need all assemblies
13that those external libraries require. For example the JigLibX requires XNA 4.0,
14Farseer, Bullet and Jitter physics engine have their own data types, but most
15of the physics engines (especially in C#) depended on XNA or some math
16framework in the past. The Delta Engine will merge all datatypes to their
17internal counterpart and make sure it runs fine on each platform.
19Please also note that some of these external libraries will ONLY work on
20windows, especially if they have native parts or use PInvoke to access features
21on Windows or other native libraries. Only pure .NET source code will compile
22if you add more libraries here and want to make a true multiplatform game.
23Contact the Delta Engine team with help if you want to use an external
24windows library. Sometimes there are options to support it on a range of
25other devices as well, but usually native code is not cross platform because
26you need a version for each of the platforms and future platforms cannot be
27supported as you need to compile it there too. Also note that many libraries
28are not used in this windows version when you use the Build System (even on
29Windows, but especially on other platforms). More optimized versions will be
30used by the build system, stripping will be done and changes are applied
31because each platform has different needs.
33Where to download the external libraries (and the version when this was written)
34we support directly (you can obviously always download a newer version or add
35your own external libraries and make sure they work for your game and platforms):
36* FarseerPhysics (3.3.1, 2011-04-11):
37* JigLibX (0.3.1 Beta, 2009-04-08):
38and JigLibX patches at (2011-02-17):
39* Jitter (0.1.5, 2011-06-07):
40* CsVorbis (2009-03-23):
41* OpenTK (2010-10-06):
43Not included, but used in various Windows assemblies (but you only need those if you want to use them directly):
44* AvalonDock (1.3.3571, 2010-07-12):
45* WPF Property Grid (#74372, 2011-03-09):
46* Vlc (2007-01-16):
47Note: Not used in v0.9.0 anymore, the new updated Vlc library is now directly supported
48* SharpDX (2011-02-16):
49* SlimDX (2011-03-01):
50* WiimoteLib (v1.7, 2009-01-19):
51* Kinect (coming soon, 2011):
52* TagLib Sharp (, 2010-03-20):