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 1Subject: unauthorized transactions on your account
 2update your account
 4valued cust omer
 5we r
 6egret to inform you that your account at
 7ebay could be suspended if you don ' t update your billing
 8information .
 9to resolve this problem please click
10here and login to your
11account in order to resolve the update process . if your
12account inform ation
13is not updated , your ability to access the ebay your account
14will beco me
15restricted .
16as per the user agreement , we may immediately
17issue a warning , temporarily suspend , indefinitely suspend or
18terminat e
19your membership and refuse to provide our services to you if
20we believ e
21that your actions may cause financial loss or legal liability
22for you ,
23our users or us . we may also take these actions if we are
24unable to
25verify or authenticate any information that you provide to
26us .
27due to the suspension of this account , please
28be advised you are prohibited from using ebay in any way . this
29include s
30the enrolling of a new account . please note that this
31suspension does
32not relieve you of your agreed - upon obligation to pay any fees
33you may
34owe to ebay .
35copyright 1995 - 2005 ebay inc . all rights
36reserve d . designated
37trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners . u
38se of this web site constitutes acceptance of the ebay user
39agreement and privacy
40policy .