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 1Subject: the situation is right under your own control perfumery
 2so they go back to her place and have great
 3. afterwards , seansays , if you thinkthat was good , let me sleep for halfan
 4hour , and wecan have evenbetter . butwhile i ' m sleeping , holdmyballsinyour
 5lefthandandmydick in your right hand . kylie looks a bit perplexed , but
 6says , okay . he sleeps for half an hour , awakens , and they have even
 7better . then sean says , kylie , that was wonderful . but if you let me
 8sleep for an hour , we can have the best yet . but again , hold my balls in
 9your left hand , and my dick in your right hand . kylie is now used to the
10routine and complies . the results are mind blowing .
11once it ' s all over , and the cigaaretes are lit ,
12kylie asks se an , tellme , does myholding your balls in my lefthand and your
13dick in myrightstimulate youwhile you ' re sleeping ? sean replies , no ,
14butthelast timeisleptwith a from melbourne , she stole my wallet .
15but the foes were too many to be repulsed for
17svakodnevno hrist szol nori
18lettuce out of here !