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 1Subject: from david wood london ( citibank )
 2letter from david wood ( london )
 3greetings ,
 4i am david wood the bank manager of citibank 332 oxford street , london wln
 59 aa . i have urgent and very confidential business proposition for you . on
 6june 6 , 1997 , an iraqi foreign oil consultant / contractor with the british
 7petroluem corporation mr . haffez al sadique .
 8made a numbered time ( fixed deposit ) for 36 calendar months , valued at us $ 20 , 500 , 000 . 00
 9( twenty nine million five hundred thousand dollars only ) in my branch . upon
10maturity in 2000 , i sent a routine notification to his forwarding address
11but got no reply .
12after a month , we sent a reminder and finally we discovered from his contract
13employers , the british petroleum corporation that mr . haffez al sadique
14died as a result of torture in the hand of sadam hussein during one of his
15trips to his country iraq . on further investigation ,
16i found out that he died without making a will , and all attempts to trace
17his next of kin was fruitless . i therefore made further investigation and
18discovered that mr haffez al sadique . did not declare any kin or relations
19in all his official documents , including his bank deposit paperwork in my
20bank .
21this sum of us $ 29 , 500 , 000 . 00 have been floating as unclaimed since 2000
22in my bank as all efforts to get his relatives have hit the stones .
23according to the british law at the expiration of 8 ( eight ) years , the money
24will revert to the ownership of the british government if nobody applies
25to claim the fund and the eight years is the end of december 2004 .
26consequently , my proposal is that i want to seek your consent as a foreigner
27to stand in as the owner of the money as the next of kin to the deceased
28so that the bank will transfer the money to your designated account . all
29documents and proves to enable you get this fund will be carefully worked
30out . i have secured from the probate an order of mandamus to locate any
31of the deceased beneficiaries , and more so i are assuring you that the business
32is risk free involvement . your share stays while the rest be for me and
33for investment purpose as i will leave london by the end of the year .
34the sharing of the funds will be based according to agreement within me
35and you . as soon as i receive an acknowledgement of receipt of this message
36in acceptance of our mutual business proposal , i will furnish you with the
37necessary modalities and disbursement ratio to suit both parties without
38any conflict . if this proposal is acceptable by you , do not take undue advantage
39of the trust i have bestowed in you .
40please , appreciate the fact that doing business over the internet is risk .
41endeavor to send your confidential telephone and fax number in your reply
42to this business .
43god bless you .
44mr david wood