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 1## mongoose release procedure
 31.  tests must pass
 42.  update `package.json` and `package-lock.json` version
 53.  update using `git changelog` or similar. Add #<TICKET_NUMBER> as well as a link to the github user who fixed it if applicable.
 64.  git commit -a -m 'release x.x.x'
 75.  git tag x.x.x
 86.  `npm run release`, or `npm run release-legacy` for 4.x
 97.  update (see "updating the website" below)
108.  tweet changelog link from [@mongoosejs](
119.  Announce on mongoosejsteam slack channel
1210. change package.json version to next patch version suffixed with '-pre' and commit "now working on x.x.x"
1311. if this is a legacy release, `git merge` changes into master.
15## updating the website
17For 5.x
190. Change to the master branch
201. execute `make docs` (when this process completes you'll be on the gh-pages branch)
212. `git commit -a -m 'chore: website 5.x.x'`
223. `git push origin gh-pages`
24For 4.x
260. Change to the 4.x branch
271. execute `make docs_legacy` (when this process completes you'll be on the gh-pages branch)
282. `git commit -a -m 'chore: website 4.x.x'`
293. `git push origin gh-pages`