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 1Subject: account suspension
 3paypal user ,
 4in accordance
 5with our major database relocation , we are currently having major
 6adjustments and updates of user accounts to verify that the informations
 7you have provided with us during the sign - up process are true and
 8correct . however , we have noticed that the pin number you updated on file is fake . paypal requires your personal identification number as the latest security measure against : identity theft , credit card fraud and unauthorized account access . paypal will verify it with your bank records for your own protection .
 9if you provide a wrong pin your account will be suspended for unauthorized account access . due our latest security improvements paypal became a global leader in online payments .
10we require
11you to complete an account verification procedure
12as part of our security measure .
14must click the link below to complete the process .
16to do so may result to abnormal account behavior during transactions .
18you for using paypal !
19the paypal team
21do not reply to this e - mail . mail sent to this address cannot be answered .
22for assistance , log in to your paypal account and choose the " help "
23link in the footer of any page .
25email id ppo 96