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 1Subject: escrow affiliate - part - time work at home opportunity
 2baltia capital investment ltd . , the leading private equity investor in the
 3baltic states , offers you an opportunity to join our team on a position of escrow
 4affiliate . this home - based job does not require any in - depth knowledge of finance
 5or a great investment of time . if you believe that you are an orderly and
 6responsible person with some multi - task skills , this is a great opportunity for
 7you to get a substantial additional income without much effort .
 8looks like another work - by - email scam ? read on to find out why it is not .
 9about us
10baltia capital investment was founded in 1995 to provide exciting investment
11opportunities to institutions and individuals who believed in the potential of
12the emerging markets of baltic states and former soviet union countries . over the
13years , the performance of our funds remained ahead of the expectations of our
14investors , and we have built a healthy reputation in the eastern european
15investment market .
16we are now looking at establishing local presence in the us and canada , where
17household investors grow dissatisfied with the financial market performance and
18standard investment vehicles . we are eager to offer private equity opportunities
19that combine our investment expertise and the amazing potential of the emerging
20markets . however , there is a major obstacle on our way : the 2001 patriot act . the
21grievous events of the september 2001 were not only a display of great villainess
22of the islamic fundamentalism , but also a catalyst for the us market being
23effectively barred for the new european financial companies .
24if you would like to learn more about our company , please feel free to visit us
25online at www . baltiacapital . com .
26how you can help
27at the moment , us patriot act forbids international clients to hold bank
28accounts in the us banks . all investment transactions made to eastern european
29and baltic companies by individuals are also subject to great and often
30unnecessary scrutiny , which brings a lot of inconvenience both to investment
31companies and their clients . as a small company working on a highly competitive
32market , we do not want to load our american clients , who are chiefly private ,
33not - so - affluent investors with the additional expense associated with the upkeep
34of a duly registered us office . that is why we are looking for escrow agents in
35the usa and canada who will be able to receive the electronic bank payments on
36behalf of our company and forward the funds to our client account , retaining an
37escrow commission .
38what you will need to do
39as soon as you join our team , you will be assigned an online cabinet in our
40corporate website employee section . there you will be able to trace all payments
41made to your designated account for further transfer to the designated client
42investment account . you will also see the amount of the commission due to you ,
43calculated on the basis of your experience of successful cooperation with our
44company . all you questions will be handled by your individual supervisor .
45your reward
46your escrow commission is calculated on the following table :
47amount transferred , total commission rate
48$ 50 , 000 - $ 150 , 000 12 , 5 %
49$ 150 , 000 - $ 500 , 000 15 %
50$ 500 , 000 and over 20 %
51your escrow commission is deducted directly from the amount that you receive for
52further transfer . that means that you do not have to wait till the end of the
53month to receive your reward . instead , you receive the commission as soon as you
54transfer the money to the client investment account .
56jill escrow joins our company and receives a $ 35 , 000 payment from john investor
57on the first week . her commission constitutes 10 % x $ 35 , 000 = $ 3500 . she retains
58this amount and forwards the remaining $ 31 , 500 to the client investment account .
59next week , she receives a $ 20 , 000 . her commission equals 10 % x $ 15 , 000 + 12 , 5 % x
60$ 5 , 000 = $ 2125 .
61whats next
62if you are tempted by the offer , feel free to email a brief resume to
63escrowprogram @ baltiacapital . com , and a
64hr manager will be in touch with you shortly .