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 1Subject: officially submitted
 2attention : sir
 3with respect and humility , we are writing this letter to solicit for your assistance ; though it looks strange hence we don ' t know each other . my name is dr . zakius richard , chief accountant under the ministry of finance republic of south africa . we wish to express our willingness to
 4transfer an overdue contract sum of us $ 11 m to your company ' s account , through the reserve bank of south africa .
 5subject : after due consideration , we have fully agreed to privately contact you for this transaction . we are intending to retire from government services to private business we decided to contact you for an urgent business proposal . we have decided to deal with a neutral person like
 6you because of the nature of the transaction as i will equally be happy to arrange with you on terms of trade and possible transfer of the funds needed for the investment into your company ' s account or personal account .
 7the ministry of natural resources incurred these funds as a kick back lifting of gold product . this was a ground plot by some of the key staffs of this ministry for their selfish interest . it was so unfortunate that they were removed from office resulting from the change of government and policies , which did not favor their continuous stay in the office . this money $ 11 m ( eleven million us dollar ) is now floating in the ministry of finance as a redundant fund waiting to be claimed . because of our new government policy on civil servants , we are not allowed to own a company or operate a foreign bank account . hence my soliciting for
 8your assistance to enable us receives this fund into your company ' s
 9account or personal account .
10to enable us start the process and remittance of this funds into your bank account successfully within 10 banking days , we need the following information from you ;
11beneficiary full names .
12beneficiary address .
13private telephone & fax number .
14your bank particulars including your bank name , address and your
15account number .
16note that as soon as we receive this information it will be forwarded to the appropriate quarters for final processing and approvals . with the modalities we have worked out , it makes it possible for you to act as a contractor who worked under my ministry and now waiting to receive his payment and when satisfied by the agencies your bank account will be
17credited within 48 banking hours . this transfer is 100 % risk free and hitch - free having done all the underground works locally for the smooth transfer of the funds into your bank account within the shortest period . we advised that you should keep this transaction a top secret and rest all correspondence to fax , and phone only , because we are occupying a sensitive position in the government circle and also this is once in a lifetime opportunity .
18finally , we want you to assure us that you will work on our instruction and our own share of the money will be safe . you will be rewarded with 25 % of the total sum for your honest assistance and co - operation , 5 % for any expenses that may come up during the transfer while 70 % remain
19for me and my colleagues involved in this transaction .
20contact me by return call / fax for any question and further discussion .
21awaiting your immediate response .
22regards ,
23dr . zakius richard
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