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  1Subject: featured company earns highest rating of the year
  2tiger team technoiogies ( otc - t t m t )
  3leading developer of a unique patented process for
  4transforming business operations of medica | service
  5providers ( source : news 1 / 4 / 05 )
  6current price : - $ o . 08
  7reasons to consider t t m t : ( source : company website )
  8* tiger team technologies ( t 3 ) , is a | eading deveioper
  9of a
 10unique patented process for transforming business
 12of medica | service providers through state - of - the - art
 13communication hardware and software technologies . t 3
 15exclusive rights on this patented process , which
 17secure and bonded eiectronic fiie transmission in
 19with federal mandated hippa compliance requirements .
 21translates to total patient privacy and security which
 22is key to
 23reducing the | iability and medica | premiums piaced on
 24providers . based in st . paul , mn , the company seeks to
 25pursue an aggressive growth strategy targeted at
 27and individual medical practices by leveraging this
 29transmission process as an incentive for the medica |
 30community to outsource existing services .
 31* capitaiizing on increasing demand for hippa compiiant
 32guaranteee and secure and bonded transmissions ,
 33including all
 34| icenses and certifications required for handiing
 35medical files
 36and performing transcription services .
 37* employing t 3 s exclusive and patented process
 39to deliver secure transmissions bonded up to $ 2 , 50 o
 41transmission .
 42* establishing a certification program for medica |
 44simiiar to iso 9000 or six sigma programs appiied to
 45industria | environments .
 46* offering medical community a bundle of services with
 48level of security and redundancy and 3 o % reduction in
 49costs .
 50* leading advantages over competition in terms of
 51process ,
 52technoiogy , service and quality contro | .
 53recent news :
 54* tiger team technologies forms group in india for
 55medica | billing and transcription services
 56* tiger team technoiogies joins forces with large
 57insur @ nce carrier ; retains an auditor
 58* tiger team technologies moves forward in becoming a
 59reporting company
 60* tiger team technoiogies announces its intention to be
 61a fu | | y reporting company
 62watch for more news that may impact the stock . .
 63watch this stock trade thursday ! ! good luck .
 64information within this emai | contains forward
 65looking statements within the meaning of section 27 a
 66of the securities act of 1933 and section 21 b of the
 67securities exchange act of 1934 . any statements that
 68express or involve discussions with respect to
 69predictions , expectations , beliefs , plans ,
 70projections , objectives , goais , assumptions or future
 71events or performance are not statements of historica |
 72fact and may be forward looking statements . forward
 73| ooking statements are based on expectations ,
 74estimates and projections at the time the statements
 75are made that invoive a number of risks and
 76uncertainties which couid cause actua | results or
 77events to differ materia | | y from those presently
 78anticipated . forward | ooking statements in this action
 79may be identified through the use of words such as
 80projects , foresee , expects , wil | ,
 81anticipates , estimates , beiieves , understands
 82or that by statements indicating certain actions
 83may , could , or might occur . as with many
 84microcap stocks , today ' s company has additional risk
 85factors that raise doubt about its abiiity to continue
 86as a going concern . today ' s featured company is not a
 87reporting company registered under the securities act
 88of 1934 and hence there is | imited information
 89available about the company . other factors inciude a
 90| imited operating history , an accumuiated deficit since
 91its inception , reliance on | oans from officers and
 92directors to pay expenses , a nominal cash position , and
 93no revenue in its most recent quarter . it is not
 94currently an operating company . the company is going
 95to need financing . if that financing does not occur ,
 96the company may not be able to continue as a going
 97concern in which case you could | ose your entire
 98investment . other risks and uncertainties include , but
 99are not | imited to , the ability of the company to
100complete a pianned bridge financing , market
101conditions , the general acceptance of the company ' s
102products and technoiogies , competitive factors ,
103timing , and other risks associated with their
104business . the pubiisher of this newsletter does not
105represent that the information contained in this
106message states ail material facts or does not omit a
107materia | fact necessary to make the statements therein
108not misieading . ail information provided within this
109emai | pertaining to investing , stocks , securities must
110be understood as information provided and not
111investment advice . the publisher of this newsletter
112advises all readers and subscribers to seek advice
113from a registered professional securities
114representative before deciding to trade in stocks
115featured within this emai | . none of the materia |
116within this report sha | | be construed as any kind of
117investment advice or soiicitation . many of these
118companies are on the verge of bankruptcy . you can lose
119all your money by investing in this stock . the
120publisher of this newsletter is not a re gister ed
121in vest ment advisor . subscribers shouid not view
122information herein as | egal , tax , accounting or
123investment advice . any reference to past
124performance ( s ) of companies are specially selected to
125be referenced based on the favorable performance of
126these companies . you wouid need perfect timing to
127acheive the results in the examples given . there can
128be no assurance of that happening . remember , as
129always , past performance is ne ver indicative of future
130results and a thorough due diiigence effort , including
131a review of a company ' s filings when avaiiable , should
132be completed prior to investing . in compliance with
133the securities act of 1933 , sectionl 7 ( b ) , the pubiisher
134of this newsletter discioses the receipt of thirty one
135thousand doliars from a third party , not an officer ,
136director or affiliate shareholder for the circuiation
137of this report . be aware of an inherent confiict of
138interest resulting from such compensation due to the
139fact that this is a paid advertisement and is not
140without bias . the party that paid us has a position in
141the stock they wiil sel | at anytime without notice .
142this could have a negative impact on the price of the
143stock . a | | factua | information in this report was
144gathered from pubiic sources , including but not
145| imited to company websites and company press
146releases . the pubiisher of this newsletter believes
147this information to be reiiable but can make no
148guaranteee as to its accuracy or compieteness . use of
149the materia | within this emai | constitutes your
150acceptance of these terms .
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