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 1Subject: treat as urgent
 2from the desk of :
 3leu cheng
 4bank of china
 7i am mr . leu cheng , bank manager of bank of china ,
 8shenzhen branch , china . i have urgent and very
 9confidential business proposition for you . before
10i start i want you to know that all the funds
11we will be using for this transaction are already
12arranged so do know now that i will not be asking
13you to pay any fees all i need from you is your
14trust and willingness in this transaction .
15on nov 6 , 1999 , a british oil consultant / contractor
16with the chinese solid minerals corporation , lawrence
17hester made a numbered time ( fixed ) deposit for twelve
18calendar months , valued at us $ 30 , 000 , 000 . 00 ( thirty
19million dollars ) in my branch . upon maturity , i sent a
20routine notification to his forwarding address but got
21no reply . after a month , we sent a reminder and
22finally we discovered from his contract employers , the
23chinese solid minerals corporation that mr . lawrence
24hester died from an automobile accident . on further
25investigation , i found out that he died without making
26a will , and all attempts to trace his next of kin was
27fruitless .
28i therefore made further investigation and discovered
29that mr . lawrence hester did not declare any kin or
30relations in all his official documents , including his
31bank deposit paperwork in my bank . this sum of
32us $ 30 , 000 , 000 . 00 is still sitting in my bank and the
33interest is being rolled over with the principal sum
34at the end of each year . no one will ever come forward
35to claim it . according to laws of republic of china ,
36at the expiration of 5 ( five ) years , the money will
37revert to the ownership of the chinese government if
38nobody applies to claim the fund .
39consequently , my proposal is that i will like you as a
40foreigner to stand in as the next of kin to mr .
41lawrence hester so that the fruits of this old man ' s
42labor will not get into the hands of some corrupt
43government officials . this is simple , i will like you
44to provide immediately your full names and address so
45that the attorney will prepare the necessary documents
46and affidavits that will put you in place as the next
47of kin . we shall employ the services of an attorney
48for drafting and notarization of the will and to
49obtain the necessary documents and letter of
50probate / administration in your favor for the transfer .
51a bank account in any part of the world that you will
52provide will then facilitate the transfer of this
53money to you as the beneficiary / next of kin . the money
54will be paid into your account for us to share in the
55ratio of 80 % for me and 20 % for you .
56there is no risk at all as all the paperwork for this
57transaction will be done by the attorney and my
58position as the branch manager guarantees the
59successful execution of this transaction . if you are
60interested , please reply immediately via the private
61email address above . upon your response , i shall then
62provide you with more details and relevant documents
63that will help you understand the transaction . please
64send me your confidential telephone and fax numbers
65for easy communication .
66please observe utmost confidentiality , and rest
67assured that this transaction would be most profitable
68for both of us because i shall require your assistance
69to invest my share in your country .
70awaiting your urgent reply via my email address .
71thanks and regards .
72leu cheng
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