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 1Subject: subscribers receive first notice on run - away stocks
 2traders ' monthly alert
 3january pick ( bmxg ) exploded from . 20 to 2 . 07 ,
 4a gain of over 900 % in 6 days ( 1 / 18 - 1 / 24 ) !
 5our next pick is an incredible find that will
 6outperform all others based on their solid
 7numbers , huge sales backlog , $ 2 billion in
 8financing , low outstanding shares , and a deal
 9with chinese government - run companies totaling
10$ 10 billion !
11urgent buy at any price :
12global environmental energy corp .
13otcbb - geec
14current price - 1 . 90
15running to - 6 . 00
16geec is cbs marketwatch . com ' s # 1 best performer in the dj
17diversified industrials index in the last 2 months . this
18is a dow jones industry index that also contains 3 m , ge ,
19and honeywell .
20we are sending this urgent investor bulletin revealing the
21most undervalued pick on the otcbb to our millions of
22subscribers for substantial profits immediately !
23geec has experienced a recent spike in price and volume
24indicating heavy accumulation of shares . this is a sign of
25even bigger things to come for this emerging world leader
26in the conversion of waste materials into electrical energy ,
27an industry with such high global demand that it is impossible
28to assign a value to the size of the market .
29geec is utilizing the unique proprietary technology of their
30biosphere process system for the disposal of a wide variety
31of waste products at 5 to 7 tons per hour , making a major
32impact on the global waste problem . this profitable and
33environmentally safe process converts into clean , green
34electricity such waste materials as municipal solid waste ,
35agricultural wastes , forestry wastes , medical wastes ,
36industrial wastes , sewage sludge , shale oil , sour natural
37gas , and the huge market of used tires .
38geec generates 5 to 10 mega - watts per hour of electricity
39from the waste conversion on a continuous basis which is
40then sold to replenish the local or national grid .
41the biosphere process succeeds in filling an urgent worldwide
42need for cost - effective renewable energy sources and a
43corresponding universal need to solve critical problems in the
44disposal of waste . geec has secured international acceptance
45for a revolutionary product designed to significantly impact
46the global waste problem while a major push for generating
47electricity from alternative sources continues to be the hot
48topic due to shortages and massive power failures .
49geec just announced a $ 10 billion , 5 - year joint venture with
50chinese government - operated companies , including yanzhou coal
51mining ( nyse - yzc , $ 74 ) . the deal is structured to have 1 , 300
52geec biosphere systems deployed throughout china to fulfill
53an urgent need for waste disposal and energy generation , two
54critical areas for a country with a population exceeding 1 . 3
55billion people . as china ' s rapid economic advance continues ,
56a shortfall of 500 million kilowatts exists annually , prompting
57periodic blackouts in all chinese provinces . geec is in line
58to profit substantially while providing relief from unmanageable
59municpal solid waste disposal and simultaneously helping china
60meet its energy needs .
61the forecast for geec is crystal clear , and this is just the tip
62of the iceberg for this emerging worldwide leader where shares
63should be added immediately to every portfolio . we expect a
64continuous flow of huge news announcements while shares still
65represent an uncommon value for a company of this caliber . look
66for the continuation of strong positive developments that will
67ignite geec , which earns our highest rating for the most
68explosive gains on wall street .
69traders ' monthly alert ( tma ) is not a registered investment
70advisor or broker dealer . certain statements contained in this
71newsletter may be forward - looking statements within the meaning
72of the private securities litigation reform act of 1995 . such
73terms as expect , believe , may , will , and intend or
74similar terms may identify these statements . past performance
75is not an indicator of future results . this is not an offer to
76buy or sell securities . tma is an independent publication that
77was paid nine thousand dollars by a third party for the
78continuing coverage and dissemination of this company information .
79investors are advised to seek proper guidance from a financial
80advisor or a registered financial broker . investors should use
81the information provided in this newsletter as a starting point
82for gathering additional information on the profiled company to
83allow the investor to form their own opinion regarding investment .
84investing in micro - cap securities is highly speculative and
85carries an extremely high degree of risk and may result in the
86loss of some or all of the investment .