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 1Subject: yukos oil
 2dear friend
 3i am mr . olsom berghart a personal treasurer to mikhail khodorkovsky the
 4richest man in russia and owner of the following companies : chairman ceo :
 5yukos oil ( russian largest oil company ) chairman ceo : menatep sbp bank ( a
 6well reputable financial institution with its branches all over the world )
 7source of funds :
 8i have a profiling amount in an excess of us $ 100 . 5 m , which i seek
 9your partnership in accommodating for me . you will be rewarded with 4 % of the
10total sum for your partnership . can you be my partner on this ? introduction
11of my self as a personal consultant to him , authority was handed over to me
12in transfer of money of an american oil merchant for his last oil deal with
13my boss mikhail khodorkovsky . do contact me through this secure email :
14olsombeghartl 01 @ netscape . net
15already the funds have left the shore of russia to an european private bank
16where the final crediting is expected to be carried out . while i was on the
17process , my boss got arrested for hisinvolvement in politics by financing
18the leading
19and opposing political parties ( the union of right forces , led by boris
20nemtsov , and yabloko , a liberal / social democratic party
21led by gregor yavlinsky ) which poses treat to president vladimir putin
22second tenure as russian president . do contact me through this secure email :
23olsombeghartl 01 @ netscape . net
24you can catch more of the story on this website :
25your role : all i need from you is to stand as the beneficiary of the above
26quoted sum and i will re - profile the funds with your name , which will
27enable the european bank transfer the sum to you . i have decided to use this
28sum to relocate to american continent and never to be connected to any of
29mikhail khodorkovsky conglomerates . the transaction has to be
30concluded in 2 weeks before mikhail khodorkovsky is out on bail . as soon as
31i confirm your readiness to conclude the transaction with me , i will provide
32you with the details .
33thank you very much
35olsom berghart ( mr )
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