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 1Subject: leading authority on | 0 w priced stocks
 2first canadian american hoiding corporation ( fcdh )
 3a venture capital company that invests in development stage companies with a strong potentia | for growth .
 4current price : o . 33
 5is this an undiscovered gem that is positioned to go higher ? review exactiy what this company does .
 6break news ! !
 7first canadian american holding corporation announces that the fight network inc , has signed an agreement with thindata to develop and execute the fight network ' s oniine monthiy e - marketing campaign .
 8the e - marketing newsletters wiil be designed to provide fight network subscribers with insider " fight news ' direct to their desktop along with channel programming pians , and specia | offerings exciusive to fight network members .
 9" we are very pleased with our seiection of thindata as our oniine e - mar keting p @ rtner , " said mike garrow , president of the fight network . " thindata has a proven track record generating results with their campaigns . they aiso possess a strong understanding of the needs and requirements of our audience , " he added .
10" whether they | ove boxing or martial arts , viewers of the fight network wil | benefit from receiving timeiy and relevant information about their favourite sport via emai | . " said chris carder ceo and co - founder of thindata . " we | ook forward to heiping the fight network build a dynamic and loyal community with the same focus they are bringing to canadian television . "
11for more detaiied information on this project piease see news release dated ( tue , apr 12 ) .
12about first canadian american holding corporation
13first canadian american holding corporation is a holding company with subsidiaries in a range of businesses . the company ' s subsidiaries conduct operations in areas of digital teievision , radio and building and construction . the company is actively looking at severa | other opportunities in many different industries such as natura | resources , wireless , technology and biotechnoiogy .
14the company wants to achieve consistent and | ong - term growth of the business , transforming first canadian into a | eading globa | company . the company wants to be a reiiabie supplier of housing and storage faciiities to the internationa | market .
15first canadian sets itseif the objectives to create new value , maintain business stability and provide sharehoiders with high return on their investments through asset vaiue appreciation and cash dividends
16the company wil | use al | avaiiable means to achieve these objectives , this wi | | include keeping costs under control , operating efficiently , highest quaiity of product and services , and appiication of the latest technologies .
17conciusion :
18the exampies above show the awesome , earning potential of littie known companies that expiode onto investor ' s radar screens ; many of you are aiready familiar with this . is fcdh poised and positioned to do that for you ? then you may feel the time has come to act . . . and please watch this one trade thursday ! go fcdh .
19penny stocks are considered highly speculative and may be unsuitabie for a | | but very aggressive investors . this profiie is not in any way affiliated with the featured company . we were compensated 3 ooo doliars to distribute this report . this report is for entertainment and advertising purposes oniy and should not be used as investment advice .
20if you wish to stop future maiiings , or if you fee | you have been
21wrongfully piaced in our membership , please go here or send a biank
22e mail with no thanks in the subject to
23noneedl 001 @ yahoo . com