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 1Subject: did you notice ?
 2never agaln
 3minnesota , which can clinch a wild - card
 4playoff spot with a loss by either carolina or st . louis this weekend , appeared on
 5its way to retaking the lead . but a holding penalty on birk - - the vikings were
 6flagged nine times for 78 yards - - wiped out a 16 - yard run by michael bennett that
 7would have given them the ball at the green bay 40 just before the 2 - minute warning .
 8the vikings ( 8 - 7 ) , though , couldn ' t
 9get what they needed from a pass defense that has struggled all season .
10government spokesman raanan gissin
11said four soldiers were killed .
12six people were taken to hospital - -
13four badly hurt , one with moderate injuries and one lightly injured , military
14sources said .
15the sources said another soldier
16remained beneath the rubble .
17gissin said rescue operations were
18continuing sunday night .
19the attack " indicates that unless
20there is decisive and sustained effort taken to dismantle the terrorist
21organization , it will be impossible to move towards normalizations and towards
22political negotiations , " gissin told a news crew . " and i think the
23responsibility on that lies with the palestinian authority . "
24shortly after the first blast , a
25second explosion was heard in southern gaza , but its precise location was not
26immediately known .
27hamas , in a phone call to cnn , said
28it had set off the first explosion near rafah in cooperation with a group called
29the fatah hawks .
30there was no immediate information
31available on that group , although it was believed to be linked to the fatah
32movement formerly led by the late palestinian leader yasser arafat .
33israeli military sources said it was
34a coordinated attack , with palestinians firing mortar shells and guns at the
35post when the explosives were detonated .
36it was not clear whether there were
37palestinian casualties .
38news video of the aftermath showed
39soldiers using stretchers to transport troops who appeared to be severely
40wounded .
41in a pamphlet distributed after the
42attack , hamas said it had used 1 . 5 tons of explosives and had recorded video of
43the incident .
44palestinians have used tunnels in the
45area to smuggle weapons from egypt . israel has carried out operations to crack
46down on the smuggling . shell explosion in schoolyard
47an israeli tank shell exploded in a
48gaza schoolyard sunday morning , wounding eight palestinian schoolchildren ,
49palestinian medical and security sources said .
50the children between the ages of 6
51and 12 - - sustained moderate to light injuries , the sources said .
52the violence happened in khan yunis
53in central gaza
54israeli military sources said that
55forces in the area identified what they thought was a number of mortar shells
56being fired towards israeli settlements nearby .
57in response , the forces fired towards
58the positions with light weapons , but did not fire a tank shell , the military
59sources said .