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  1. #
  2. # FC4 device configuration
  3. #
  4. menu "Fibre Channel support"
  5. config FC4
  6. tristate "Fibre Channel and FC4 SCSI support"
  7. ---help---
  8. Fibre Channel is a high speed serial protocol mainly used to
  9. connect large storage devices to the computer; it is compatible with
  10. and intended to replace SCSI.
  11. This is an experimental support for storage arrays connected to your
  12. computer using optical fibre cables and the "X3.269-199X Fibre
  13. Channel Protocol for SCSI" specification. If you want to use this,
  14. you need to say Y here and to "SCSI support" as well as to the
  15. drivers for the storage array itself and for the interface adapter
  16. such as SOC or SOC+. This subsystem could even serve for IP
  17. networking, with some code extensions.
  18. If unsure, say N.
  19. comment "FC4 drivers"
  20. depends on FC4
  21. config FC4_SOC
  22. tristate "Sun SOC/Sbus"
  23. depends on FC4!=n && (SPARC32 || SPARC64)
  24. help
  25. Serial Optical Channel is an interface card with one or two Fibre
  26. Optic ports, each of which can be connected to a disk array. Note
  27. that if you have older firmware in the card, you'll need the
  28. microcode from the Solaris driver to make it work.
  29. To compile this support as a module, choose M here: the module will
  30. be called soc.
  31. config FC4_SOCAL
  32. tristate "Sun SOC+ (aka SOCAL)"
  33. depends on FC4!=n && (SPARC32 || SPARC64)
  34. ---help---
  35. Serial Optical Channel Plus is an interface card with up to two
  36. Fibre Optic ports. This card supports FC Arbitrated Loop (usually
  37. A5000 or internal FC disks in E[3-6]000 machines through the
  38. Interface Board). You'll probably need the microcode from the
  39. Solaris driver to make it work.
  40. To compile this support as a module, choose M here: the module will
  41. be called socal.
  42. comment "FC4 targets"
  43. depends on FC4
  44. config SCSI_PLUTO
  45. tristate "SparcSTORAGE Array 100 and 200 series"
  46. depends on FC4!=n && SCSI
  47. help
  48. If you never bought a disk array made by Sun, go with N.
  49. To compile this support as a module, choose M here: the module will
  50. be called pluto.
  51. config SCSI_FCAL
  52. tristate "Sun Enterprise Network Array (A5000 and EX500)" if SPARC32 || SPARC64
  53. depends on FC4!=n && SCSI
  54. help
  55. This driver drives FC-AL disks connected through a Fibre Channel
  56. card using the drivers/fc4 layer (currently only SOCAL). The most
  57. common is either A5000 array or internal disks in E[3-6]000
  58. machines.
  59. To compile this support as a module, choose M here: the module will
  60. be called fcal.
  61. config SCSI_FCAL
  62. prompt "Generic FC-AL disk driver"
  63. depends on FC4!=n && SCSI && !SPARC32 && !SPARC64
  64. endmenu