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 1ntop[^:]*: Extending TCP hash
 2ntop[^:]*: Extending hash:
 3ntop[^:]*: Found.*in URL
 4ntop[^:]*: Shrinking hash:
 5ntop[^:]*: Shrinking TCP hash
 6ntop[^:]*: readLsofInfo completed
 7ntop[^:]*: Index error idx=
 8ntop[^:]*: Cleaning up...
 9ntop[^:]*: Waiting until threads terminate...
10ntop[^:]*: Terminating Web connections...
11ntop[^:]*: Freeing hash host instances...
12ntop[^:]*: .* instances freed 
13ntop[^:]*: Unloading plugins \(if any\)... 
14ntop[^:]*: Done. 
15ntop[^:]*: Thanks for using
16ntop[^:]*: .* packets received by filter on
17ntop[^:]*: Freeing device
18ntop[^:]*: .* packets dropped by
19ntop[^:]*: Bye bye: I'm becoming a daemon... 
20ntop[^:]*: ntop v.* MT
21ntop[^:]*: Listening on
22ntop[^:]*: Copyright .* by Luca Deri
23ntop[^:]*: Get the freshest ntop from 
24ntop[^:]*: Parsing ntop rules...
25ntop[^:]*: Loading plugins \(if any\)... 
26ntop[^:]*: Searching plugins in /usr/lib/ntop/ntop/plugins 
27ntop[^:]*: Welcome to
28ntop[^:]*: Resetting traffic statistics...
29ntop[^:]*: Started thread
30ntop[^:]*: Initializing
31ntop[^:]*: Unable to create file /var/lib/ntop/ntop.access.log. Access log is disabled.
32ntop[^:]*: Waiting for HTTP connections on port
33ntop[^:]*: Sniffying... 
34ntop[^:]*: Started thread
35ntop[^:]*: Sanity check failed
36ntop[^:]*: *CLEANUP: Locked purge mutex, continuing shutdown
37ntop[^:]*: *RRD: 
38ntop[^:]*: *ntop is shutdown...
39ntop[^:]*: *============================
40ntop[^:]*: *TERM: Removed pid file
41ntop[^:]*: *STATS: 0 packets dropped
42ntop[^:]*: *CLEANUP: Freeing device
43ntop[^:]*: *TEMP:
44ntop[^:]*: *PLUGIN_TERM: Unloading plugins
45ntop[^:]*: *FREE_HOST:
46ntop[^:]*: .*THREADMGMT:
47ntop[^:]*: *CLEANUP:
48ntop[^:]*: SIGPIPE: Handled .ignored. 0 errors