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  2# This file describes what standard (national) charset corresponds to
  3# Adobe-defined charsets/encodings.
  4# Each line consists of three items, the first is Adobe-defined charset,
  5# the second is Adobe-defined encoding, the third is standard (national)
  6# charset, and the fourth is standard encoding. If Adobe-defined
  7# charset/encoding corresponds to multiple standard charsets, write
  8# them all by separating comma, in order of major to minor.
 11#<Adobe charset>  <Adobe encoding>  <std charset>  <std encoding>
 13Standard	Standard	ISO8859-1
 14Special		Special		font-specific
 15*		ISO8859-1	ISO8859-1
 16*		ISO8859-2	ISO8859-2
 17*		ISO8859-3	ISO8859-3
 18*		ISO8859-4	ISO8859-4
 19*		ISO8859-5	ISO8859-5
 20*		ISO8859-6	ISO8859-6
 21*		ISO8859-7	ISO8859-7
 22*		ISO8859-8	ISO8859-8
 23*		ISO8859-9	ISO8859-9
 24*		ISO8859-10	ISO8859-10
 26# Following is information of the CJK charsets. You should refer to
 27# Technical Note #5094 released by Adobe for details.
 29# Japanese charsets note:
 31# Adobe-Japan1-0 corresponds to a combination of JIS X 0208-1983 (new JIS),
 32# JIS X 0201-1997, JIS C 6226-1978 (old JIS, aka JIS X 0208-1978) and some
 33# local extended characters.
 34# Adobe-Japan1-1 corresponds to JIS X 0208-1990.
 35# Adobe-Japan1-2 corresponds to Microsoft Windows charset, which consists of
 36# JIS X 0208-1997 and some local extended characters.
 37# Adobe-Japan2-0 corresponds to JIS X 0212-1990 charset.
 38# Families of JIS X 0208 can be regarded as the same charset except
 39# JIS C 6226-1978.
 41JIS-83		JIS		JISX0208		ISO2022-JP
 42JIS-83		EUC		JISX0208		EUC
 43JIS-78		JIS		JISC6226		ISO2022-JP
 44JIS-78		EUC		JISC6226		EUC
 45JIS-83|JIS-78	*		ignore
 46*		RKSJ		ignore
 4783pv		*		ignore
 48Ext		*		ignore
 49Add		*		ignore
 50NWP		*		ignore
 52Adobe-Japan1*	H|V		JISX0208		ISO2022-JP
 53Adobe-Japan1*	EUC-?		JISX0208,JISX0201	EUC
 54Adobe-Japan1*	RKSJ-?		JISX0208,JISX0201	SHIFT-JIS
 55Adobe-Japan1*	UniJIS-UCS2-?	JISX0208		UCS2
 56Adobe-Japan1*	|UniJIS-UTF8-?	JISX0208		UTF8
 57Adobe-Japan1*	78-?		JISC6226		ISO2022-JP
 58Adobe-Japan1*	78-EUC-?	JISC6226,JISX0201	EUC
 59Adobe-Japan1*	Hankaku		JISX0201
 60Adobe-Japan1*	*		ignore
 61Adobe-Japan2*	Hojo-?		JISX0212		ISO2022-JP
 62Adobe-Japan2*	Hojo-EUC-?	JISX0212		EUC
 63Adobe-Japan2*	UniHojo-UCS2-?	JISX0212		UCS2
 64Adobe-Japan2*	UniHojo-UTF8-?	JISX0212		UTF8
 65Adobe-Japan2*	*		ignore
 67# Simplified Chinese charsets note:
 69# Adobe-GB1-0 corresponds to a combination of GB2312-80, GB1988 and others.
 70# Adobe-GB1-1 corresponds to GBT12345-90 charset.
 71# Adobe-GB1-2 corresponds to GBK charset. GBK consists of all CJK ideographs
 72#    included in UCS BMP and some local extentions. 
 73# Adobe-GB1-4 corresponds to GBK2K charset.  GBK2K corresponds to the
 74#    CJK Extension A area.
 76Adobe-GB1*	GB-?		GB2312			ISO2022
 77Adobe-GB1*	GB-EUC-?	GB2312,GB1988		EUC
 78Adobe-GB1*	GBT-?		GBT12345		ISO2022
 79Adobe-GB1*	GBT-EUC-?	GBT12345,GB1988		EUC
 80Adobe-GB1*	GBK-EUC-?	GB18030,GBK		GBK
 81Adobe-GB1*	GBK2K-?		GB18030			GBK2K
 82Adobe-GB1*	UniGB-UCS2-?	GBK			UCS2
 83Adobe-GB1*	UniGB-UTF8-?	GBK			UTF8
 84Adobe-GB1*	*		ignore
 86# Korean charsets note:
 88# Adobe-Korea1-0 corresponds to a combination of KS X 1001:1992,
 89# KS X 1003:1993 (aka KS C 5601 and KS C 5636, respectively) and some local
 90# extentions.
 91# Adobe-Korea1-1 corresponds to a combination of KS X 1001:1992 with
 92# Johab extentions and with Microsoft extentions (aka Unified Hangul Code).
 94Adobe-Korea1*	KSC-?		KSX1001			ISO2022-KR
 95Adobe-Korea1*	KSC-EUC-?	KSX1001,KSX1003		EUC
 96Adobe-Korea1*	UniKS-UCS2-?	KSX1001			UCS2
 97Adobe-Korea1*	UniKS-UTF8-?	KSX1001			UTF8
 98Adobe-Korea1*	*		ignore
100# Traditional Chinese charsets note: 
102# Adobe-CNS1-0 corresponds to a combination of ETen-extended Big5 charset
103#     and CNS11643 (plane 1 and 2) charsets.
104# Adobe-CNS1-1 corresponds to Government Common Character Set (GCCS)
105#     and Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set (HKSCS).
107Adobe-CNS1*	CNS1-?			CNS11643-1	ISO2022
108Adobe-CNS1*	CNS2-?			CNS11643-2	ISO2022
109Adobe-CNS1*	B5-?|ETen-B5-?		BIG5		BIG5
110Adobe-CNS1*	HKscs-B5-?|HKgccs-B5-?	BIG5-HKSCS	BIG5
111Adobe-CNS1*	*			ignore