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 10x00	default
 20x10	lowdelay
 30x08	throughput
 40x04	reliability
 5# This value overlap with ECT, do not use it!
 60x02	mincost
 7# These values seems do not want to die, Cisco likes them by a strange reason.
 80x20	priority
 90x40	immediate
100x60	flash
110x80	flash-override
120xa0	critical
130xc0	internet
140xe0	network
15# Newer RFC2597 values
160x28	AF11
170x30	AF12
180x38	AF13
190x48	AF21
200x50	AF22
210x58	AF23
220x68	AF31
230x70	AF32
240x78	AF33
250x88	AF41
260x90	AF42
270x98	AF43