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 1README for a link directory of ifupdown-scripts-zg2
 4This directory contains symlinks to interface scripts in
 5/etc/network/ifupdown-scripts-zg2.d. The scheme is intended to kind of
 6mimic the system V init script scheme.
 8Since the symlinks carry important information (which interface scripts
 9should be called in which order), they should be considered conffiles.
11However, dpkg does not currently allow symlinks to conffiles to be
12contained in packages, and it does not supply any handling for that
15If you feel the need to change the symlinks, please do so in the dpkg
16conffile /etc/network/ifupdown-scripts-zg2.d-symlink.conf and run
17update-ifupdown-scripts-zg2.d-symlinks to update the symlinks
18themselves. If you manually change the symlinks without going through
19/etc/network/ifupdown-scripts-zg2.d-symlink.conf, updating this
20package will fail since the package checks if the symlinks are in sync
21with the conffile in the preinst maintainer script.
23If you think that there is a better way to handle this problem, please
24get in touch with the package maintainer via the Debian BTS.
26                                                 / Marc Haber, 2003-10-05