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  1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  2<Dictionary EnglishName="English" CultureName="English" Culture="en-US">
  4	<Value Id="Application"              FlowDirection="LeftToRight" Title="Stoffi Music Player" />
  6	<Value Id="ToolbarAdd"                        Text="Add" />
  7	<Value Id="ToolbarAddTrack"                   Text="File"/>
  8	<Value Id="ToolbarAddFolder"                  Text="Folder"/>
  9	<Value Id="ToolbarAddPlaylist"                Text="Playlist"/>
 10	<Value Id="ToolbarShow"                       Text="Show" />
 11	<Value Id="ToolbarDetailsPane"                Text="Details pane" />
 12	<Value Id="ToolbarMenuBar"                    Text="Menu bar" />
 13	<Value Id="ToolbarTools"                      Text="Tools" />
 14	<Value Id="ToolbarImporter"                   Text="Import configuration" />
 15	<Value Id="ToolbarExporter"                   Text="Export configuration" />
 16	<Value Id="ToolbarGeneratePlaylist"           Text="Generate playlist" />
 17	<Value Id="ToolbarPreferences"             Content="Preferences" />
 18	<Value Id="ToolbarEqualizer"               Content="Equalizer" />
 19	<Value Id="ToolbarUpgrade"                 ToolTip="Stoffi has been upgraded and needs to be restarted"/>
 20	<Value Id="ToolbarScanning"                Content="Scanning..."/>
 22	<Value Id="YouTubeSearching"                  Text="Searching..."/>
 24	<Value Id="MenuFile"                        Header="File"/>
 25	<Value Id="MenuAddTrack"                    Header="Add track"/>
 26	<Value Id="MenuAddFolder"                   Header="Add folder"/>
 27	<Value Id="MenuAddPlaylist"                 Header="Add playlist"/>
 28	<Value Id="MenuHide"                        Header="Hide"/>
 29	<Value Id="MenuClose"                       Header="Close"/>
 30	<Value Id="MenuView"                        Header="View"/>
 31	<Value Id="MenuMenuBar"                     Header="Menu bar"/>
 32	<Value Id="MenuDetailsPane"                 Header="Details pane"/>
 33	<Value Id="MenuTools"                       Header="Tools"/>
 34	<Value Id="MenuImporter"                    Header="Import configuration"/>
 35	<Value Id="MenuExporter"                    Header="Export configuration"/>
 36	<Value Id="MenuGeneratePlaylist"            Header="Generate playlist"/>
 37	<Value Id="MenuEqualizer"                   Header="Equalizer"/>
 38	<Value Id="MenuPreferences"                 Header="Preferences"/>
 39	<Value Id="MenuHelp"                        Header="Help"/>
 40	<Value Id="MenuAbout"                       Header="About Stoffi"/>
 42	<Value Id="MenuAddToPlaylist"               Header="Add to playlist"/>
 43	<Value Id="MenuCreateNew"                   Header="Create new"/>
 44	<Value Id="MenuRemoveFromPlaylist"          Header="Remove from playlist"/>
 45	<Value Id="MenuRemoveBookmark"              Header="Remove bookmark"/>
 47	<Value Id="MenuRenamePlaylist"                Text="Rename playlist"/>
 48	<Value Id="MenuRemovePlaylist"                Text="Remove playlist"/>
 49	<Value Id="MenuSavePlaylist"                  Text="Save playlist"/>
 50	<Value Id="MenuSharePlaylist"									Text="Share playlist"/>
 52	<Value Id="MenuRemove"                        Text="Remove"/>
 53	<Value Id="MenuDelete"                        Text="Remove from disk"/>
 54	<Value Id="MenuInclude"                       Text="Include"/>
 55	<Value Id="MenuIgnore"                        Text="Ignore"/>
 56	<Value Id="MenuQueue"                         Text="Queue"/>
 57	<Value Id="MenuDequeue"                       Text="Dequeue"/>
 58	<Value Id="MenuInfo"                          Text="Properties"/>
 59	<Value Id="MenuPlay"                          Text="Play"/>
 60	<Value Id="MenuPause"                         Text="Pause"/>
 61	<Value Id="MenuWatchOnYouTube"                Text="Watch on YouTube"/>
 62	<Value Id="MenuShareSong"											Text="Share"/>
 64	<Value Id="ColumnType"                        Text="Type"/>
 65	<Value Id="ColumnLocation"                    Text="Location"/>
 66	<Value Id="ColumnArtist"                      Text="Artist"/>
 67	<Value Id="ColumnAlbum"                       Text="Album"/>
 68	<Value Id="ColumnTitle"                       Text="Title"/>
 69	<Value Id="ColumnGenre"                       Text="Genre"/>
 70	<Value Id="ColumnLength"                      Text="Length"/>
 71	<Value Id="ColumnTrack"                       Text="Track"/>
 72	<Value Id="ColumnYear"                        Text="Year"/>
 73	<Value Id="ColumnPlayCount"                   Text="Play count"/>
 74	<Value Id="ColumnLastPlayed"                  Text="Last played"/>
 75	<Value Id="ColumnPlayed"                      Text="Played"/>
 76	<Value Id="ColumnPath"                        Text="Path"/>
 77	<Value Id="ColumnViews"                       Text="Views"/>
 78	<Value Id="ColumnSize"                        Text="Size"/>
 79	<Value Id="ColumnBitrate"                     Text="Bitrate"/>
 80	<Value Id="ColumnChannels"                    Text="Channels"/>
 81	<Value Id="ColumnSampleRate"                  Text="Sample rate"/>
 82	<Value Id="ColumnCodecs"                      Text="Codecs"/>
 84	<Value Id="MostViewed"                        Text="Most viewed"/>
 85	<Value Id="TopRated"                          Text="Top rated"/>
 87	<Value Id="TaskbarPrev"                       Text="Previous song"/>
 88	<Value Id="TaskbarPlay"                       Text="Play song"/>
 89	<Value Id="TaskbarNext"                       Text="Next song"/>
 91	<Value Id="TrayShow"                          Text="Show"/>
 92	<Value Id="TrayExit"                          Text="Exit"/>
 93	<Value Id="TrayPrev"                          Text="Previous"/>
 94	<Value Id="TrayPlay"                          Text="Play"/>
 95	<Value Id="TrayNext"                          Text="Next"/>
 97	<Value Id="JumpPlay"                         Title="Play/pause" Description="Play or pause the current track"/>
 98	<Value Id="JumpNext"                         Title="Next" Description="Skip to the next track"/>
 99	<Value Id="JumpPrev"                         Title="Previous" Description="Play the previous track"/>
101	<Value Id="NavigationNowPlaying"              Text="Now playing"/>
102	<Value Id="NavigationNowPlayingTitle"         Text="Now Playing"/>
103	<Value Id="NavigationMusic"                   Text="Music"/>
104	<Value Id="NavigationFiles"                   Text="Files"/>
105	<Value Id="NavigationFilesTitle"              Text="Music Library"/>
106	<Value Id="NavigationYouTube"                 Text="YouTube"/>
107	<Value Id="NavigationYouTubeTitle"            Text="YouTube"/>
108	<Value Id="NavigationYouTubeDescription"      Text="Listen to music from YouTube"/>
109	<Value Id="NavigationQueue"                   Text="Queue"/>
110	<Value Id="NavigationQueueTitle"              Text="Play Queue"/>
111	<Value Id="NavigationHistory"                 Text="History"/>
112	<Value Id="NavigationHistoryTitle"            Text="History"/>
113	<Value Id="NavigationPlaylists"               Text="Playlists"/>
114	<Value Id="NavigationCreateNew"               Text="Create new"/>
115	<Value Id="NavigationPlaylistTitle"           Text="Playlist"/>
117	<Value Id="PlaybackEmpty"                     Text="Nothing is playing"/>
118	<Value Id="PlaybackSearch"                    Text="Search"/>
120	<Value Id="ControlBack"                    Content="Back to music"/>
121	<Value Id="ControlGeneral"                 Content="General"/>
122	<Value Id="ControlSources"                 Content="Music Sources"/>
123	<Value Id="ControlServices"                Content="Services"/>
124	<Value Id="ControlShortcuts"               Content="Keyboard Shortcuts"/>
125	<Value Id="ControlAbout"                   Content="About Stoffi"/>
126	<Value Id="ControlSeeAlso"                    Text="See also:"/>
127	<Value Id="ControlProject"                 Content="Project"/>
128	<Value Id="ControlBlog"                    Content="Blog"/>
129	<Value Id="ControlWebsite"                 Content="Website"/>
131	<Value Id="SourcesTitle"                      Text="Select where to find your music"/>
132	<Value Id="SourcesSubTitle"                   Text="List of sources"/>
133	<Value Id="SourcesText"                       Text="Add the places where Stoffi should look for your music. All locations will be monitored for any changes. You can add both individual files and whole folders. You can also tell Stoffi to ignore certain folders and files.
134Stoffi will add all your Music Libraries automatically."/>
136	<Value Id="SourcesTypeFile"                   Text="File"/>
137	<Value Id="SourcesTypeFolder"                 Text="Folder"/>
138	<Value Id="SourcesTypeLibrary"                Text="Library"/>
140	<Value Id="SourcesAddFolder"               Content="Include folder"/>
141	<Value Id="SourcesAddFile"                 Content="Include file"/>
142	<Value Id="SourcesIgnoreFolder"            Content="Ignore folder"/>
143	<Value Id="SourcesIgnoreFile"              Content="Ignore file"/>
145	<Value Id="ServicesTitle"                     Text="Cloud services for Stoffi"/>
146	<Value Id="ServicesAccountTitle"              Text="Your Cloud Account"/>
147	<Value Id="ServicesAccountText"               Text="The Stoffi Cloud Service lets you connect Stoffi with the outside world using various services."/>
148	<Value Id="ServicesAccountDelink"          Content="Disconnect"/>
149	<Value Id="ServicesDeviceName"                Text="Device name:"/>
151	<Value Id="ServicesPrivacyTitle"              Text="Protect Your Privacy"/>
152	<Value Id="ServicesPrivacyText"               Text="Here you can control the data that flows between your computer and our services."/>
153	<Value Id="ServicesSubmit"                    Text="Select which information you want to share with others."/>
154	<Value Id="ServicesSubmitSongs"               Text="The songs I listen to"/>
155	<Value Id="ServicesSubmitPlaylists"           Text="The playlists I create"/>
156	<Value Id="ServicesSynchronize"               Text="Keep your settings synchronized with other instances of Stoffi."/>
157	<Value Id="ServicesSynchronizeProfile"        Text="Synchronization profile"/>
158	<Value Id="ServicesNoSynchronize"          Content="Don't synchronize"/>
159	<Value Id="ServicesNewSyncProfile"         Content="New profile"/>
161	<Value Id="ShortcutsTitle"                    Text="Configure keyboard shortcuts"/>
162	<Value Id="ShortcutsProfileTitle"             Text="Profile"/>
163	<Value Id="ShortcutsProfileText"              Text="If you are used to keyboard shortcuts of a particular application you can select its profile here.
164You can also create your own profiles if you wish."/>
165	<Value Id="ShortcutsProfileCustom"            Text="Custom"/>
166	<Value Id="ShortcutsProfileSelect"            Text="Select profile"/>
167	<Value Id="ShortcutsProfileNew"            Content="New profile"/>
168	<Value Id="ShortcutsProfileRename"         Content="Rename profile"/>
169	<Value Id="ShortcutsProfileDelete"         Content="Delete profile"/>
171	<Value Id="AboutTitle"                        Text="View information about Stoffi Music Player"/>
172	<Value Id="AboutDescriptionTitle"             Text="Description"/>
173	<Value Id="AboutDescriptionText"              Text="The Stoffi Music Player is a simple approach to music.
175It is meant to be simple and easy to use, have a clean and appealing interface, while at the same time delivering a fully featured music player for you to enjoy.
177It is built to be lightweight and fast, so you can have it running in the background without affecting your system performance. It is tightly integrated with the rest of the system, so it will blend in and become a natural part of it.
179With Stoffi player you can easily keep your music organized the way you want it, by creating and modifying playlists quickly and easily, as well as keeping your track's titles and albums properly named.
181Music has never been this fun."/>
182	<Value Id="AboutPropertiesTitle"              Text="Application Properties"/>
183	<Value Id="AboutPropertiesRelease"            Text="Release:"/>
184	<Value Id="AboutPropertiesDetails"          Header="Technical details"/>
185	<Value Id="AboutPropertiesVersion"            Text="Version:"/>
186	<Value Id="AboutPropertiesStamp"              Text="Stamp:"/>
187	<Value Id="AboutPropertiesArch"               Text="Architecture:"/>
188	<Value Id="AboutPropertiesChannel"            Text="Channel:"/>
189	<Value Id="AboutPropertiesCheck"              Text="Last check for upgrades:"/>
190	<Value Id="AboutPropertiesUpgraded"           Text="Stoffi has been upgraded and needs to be restarted"/>
191	<Value Id="AboutCreditsChristoffer"           Text="Creator and head developer"/>
192	<Value Id="AboutCreditsHylton"                Text="Quality assurance, marketing and community"/>
193	<Value Id="AboutCreditsMark"                  Text="Developer"/>
194	<Value Id="AboutCreditsMaggie"                Text="Testing and inspiration"/>
195	<Value Id="AboutCreditsTianwen"               Text="Developer and head translator"/>
196	<Value Id="AboutCreditsTranslators"           Text="Translators"/>
198	<Value Id="GeneralTitle"                      Text="Change basic application settings"/>
199	<Value Id="GeneralLookTitle"                  Text="Appearance"/>
200	<Value Id="GeneralLookText"                   Text="Here you can select different configurations related to the interface of the application. Change what you see and how it appears."/>
201	<Value Id="GeneralLanguage"                   Text="Language"/>
202	<Value Id="GeneralOSD"                        Text="On screen display"/>
203	<Value Id="GeneralMinimize"                   Text="Minimize to tray"/>
204	<Value Id="GeneralFeelTitle"                  Text="Behaviour"/>
205	<Value Id="GeneralFeelText"                   Text="Here you can change the specific behaviour of Stoffi in certain circumstances and specify which actions it should take."/>
206	<Value Id="GeneralSearchPolicy"               Text="Search policy"/>
207	<Value Id="GeneralSearchPolicyGlobal"      Content="Same search everywhere"/>
208	<Value Id="GeneralSearchPolicyPartial"     Content="Same search for all playlists"/>
209	<Value Id="GeneralSearchPolicyIndividual"  Content="Different search for each list"/>
210	<Value Id="GeneralUpgradePolicy"              Text="Upgrade policy"/>
211	<Value Id="GeneralUpgradePolicyManual"     Content="Let me check for upgrades"/>
212	<Value Id="GeneralUpgradePolicyNotify"     Content="Notify me when I can upgrade"/>
213	<Value Id="GeneralUpgradePolicyAuto"       Content="Upgrade automatically"/>
214	<Value Id="GeneralDoUpgrade"               Content="Upgrade"/>
215	<Value Id="GeneralDoCheck"                 Content="Check for upgrades"/>
216	<Value Id="GeneralRestart"                 Content="Restart"/>
217	<Value Id="GeneralAddPlayText"                Text="When a file is double-clicked in Windows Explorer do the following:"/>
218	<Value Id="GeneralAddPolicy"                  Text="Add policy"/>
219	<Value Id="GeneralAddPolicyDont"           Content="Don't add"/>
220	<Value Id="GeneralAddPolicyLibrary"        Content="Add to library"/>
221	<Value Id="GeneralAddPolicyBoth"           Content="Add to library and current playlist"/>
222	<Value Id="GeneralPlayPolicy"                 Text="Play policy"/>
223	<Value Id="GeneralPlayPolicyPlay"          Content="Play"/>
224	<Value Id="GeneralPlayPolicyDont"          Content="Don't play"/>
225	<Value Id="GeneralPlayPolicyBack"          Content="Add to end of queue"/>
226	<Value Id="GeneralPlayPolicyFront"         Content="Add to front of queue"/>
227	<Value Id="GeneralPausePlayback"              Text="Pause playback while:"/>
228	<Value Id="GeneralPausePlaybackLocked"        Text="Computer is locked"/>
229	<Value Id="GeneralPausePlaybackLoggedOut"     Text="I'm logged out"/>
231	<Value Id="SourceFieldType"                 Header="Type"/>
232	<Value Id="SourceFieldLocation"             Header="Location"/>
234	<Value Id="ShortcutNotUsed"                   Text="Not used"/>
235	<Value Id="ShortcutPress"                     Text="Press keys"/>
236	<Value Id="ShortcutApplicationTitle"          Text="Application Commands"/>
237	<Value Id="ShortcutApplicationText"           Text="These shortcuts perform application wide commands."/>
238	<Value Id="ShortcutMediaCommandsTitle"        Text="Main Window Navigation"/>
239	<Value Id="ShortcutMediaCommandsText"         Text="These are the shortcuts used to interact with and navigate around the main window.
240This includes the navigation pane (Library, Queue, Playlists and so on), the track list and the details pane."/>
241	<Value Id="ShortcutMainWindowTitle"           Text="Media Commands"/>
242	<Value Id="ShortcutMainWindowText"            Text="These are the shortcuts to control playback of your media."/>
243	<Value Id="ShortcutTrackTitle"                Text="Track List"/>
244	<Value Id="ShortcutTrackText"                 Text="Use these commands when operating on a selected track in the tracklist."/>
245	<Value Id="ShortcutGlobal"                    Text="Global" ToolTip="Trigger command even when Stoffi is not focused"/>
247	<Value Id="Shortcut_Add_track"                Text="Add track"/>
248	<Value Id="Shortcut_Add_folder"               Text="Add folder"/>
249	<Value Id="Shortcut_Open_playlist"            Text="Open playlist"/>
250	<Value Id="Shortcut_Minimize"                 Text="Minimize"/>
251	<Value Id="Shortcut_Restore"                  Text="Restore"/>
252	<Value Id="Shortcut_Help"                     Text="Help"/>
253	<Value Id="Shortcut_Close"                    Text="Close"/>
254	<Value Id="Shortcut_Library"                  Text="Library"/>
255	<Value Id="Shortcut_Queue"                    Text="Queue"/>
256	<Value Id="Shortcut_History"                  Text="History"/>
257	<Value Id="Shortcut_Playlists"                Text="Playlists"/>
258	<Value Id="Shortcut_Tracklist"                Text="Tracklist"/>
259	<Value Id="Shortcut_Search"                   Text="Search"/>
260	<Value Id="Shortcut_General_preferences"      Text="General preferences"/>
261	<Value Id="Shortcut_Library_sources"          Text="Library sources"/>
262	<Value Id="Shortcut_Services"                 Text="Services"/>
263	<Value Id="Shortcut_Keyboard_shortcuts"       Text="Keyboard shortcuts"/>
264	<Value Id="Shortcut_About"                    Text="About"/>
265	<Value Id="Shortcut_Toggle_details_pane"      Text="Toggle details pane"/>
266	<Value Id="Shortcut_Toggle_menu_bar"          Text="Toggle menu bar"/>
267	<Value Id="Shortcut_Create_playlist"          Text="Create playlist"/>
268	<Value Id="Shortcut_Play_or_pause"            Text="Play or pause"/>
269	<Value Id="Shortcut_Next"                     Text="Next"/>
270	<Value Id="Shortcut_Previous"                 Text="Previous"/>
271	<Value Id="Shortcut_Toggle_shuffle"           Text="Toggle shuffle"/>
272	<Value Id="Shortcut_Toggle_repeat"            Text="Toggle repeat"/>
273	<Value Id="Shortcut_Increase_volume"          Text="Increase volume"/>
274	<Value Id="Shortcut_Decrease_volume"          Text="Decrease volume"/>
275	<Value Id="Shortcut_Seek_forward"             Text="Seek forward"/>
276	<Value Id="Shortcut_Seek_backward"            Text="Seek backward"/>
277	<Value Id="Shortcut_Add_bookmark"             Text="Add bookmark"/>
278	<Value Id="Shortcut_Jump_to_previous_bookmark" Text="Jump to previous bookmark"/>
279	<Value Id="Shortcut_Jump_to_next_bookmark"    Text="Jump to next bookmark"/>
280	<Value Id="Shortcut_Jump_to_first_bookmark"   Text="Jump to first bookmark"/>
281	<Value Id="Shortcut_Jump_to_last_bookmark"    Text="Jump to last bookmark"/>
282	<Value Id="Shortcut_Jump_to_bookmark_1"       Text="Jump to bookmark 1"/>
283	<Value Id="Shortcut_Jump_to_bookmark_2"       Text="Jump to bookmark 2"/>
284	<Value Id="Shortcut_Jump_to_bookmark_3"       Text="Jump to bookmark 3"/>
285	<Value Id="Shortcut_Jump_to_bookmark_4"       Text="Jump to bookmark 4"/>
286	<Value Id="Shortcut_Jump_to_bookmark_5"       Text="Jump to bookmark 5"/>
287	<Value Id="Shortcut_Jump_to_bookmark_6"       Text="Jump to bookmark 6"/>
288	<Value Id="Shortcut_Jump_to_bookmark_7"       Text="Jump to bookmark 7"/>
289	<Value Id="Shortcut_Jump_to_bookmark_8"       Text="Jump to bookmark 8"/>
290	<Value Id="Shortcut_Jump_to_bookmark_9"       Text="Jump to bookmark 9"/>
291	<Value Id="Shortcut_Jump_to_bookmark_10"      Text="Jump to bookmark 10"/>
292	<Value Id="Shortcut_Jump_to_current_track"    Text="Jump to current track"/>
293	<Value Id="Shortcut_Queue_and_dequeue"        Text="Queue and dequeue"/>
294	<Value Id="Shortcut_Remove_track"             Text="Remove track"/>
295	<Value Id="Shortcut_Play_track"               Text="Play track"/>
296	<Value Id="Shortcut_View_information"         Text="View information"/>
298	<Value Id="ButtonOK"                       Content="OK"/>
299	<Value Id="ButtonApply"                    Content="Apply"/>
300	<Value Id="ButtonCancel"                   Content="Cancel"/>
301	<Value Id="ButtonClose"                    Content="Close"/>
302	<Value Id="ButtonNew"                      Content="New"/>
303	<Value Id="ButtonRename"                   Content="Rename"/>
304	<Value Id="ButtonRemove"                   Content="Remove"/>
306	<Value Id="PropertiesTitle"                  Title="Properties"/>
307	<Value Id="PropertiesMultipleFiles"           Text="{0} Tracks"/>
308	<Value Id="PropertiesGeneral"               Header="General"/>
309	<Value Id="PropertiesGeneralType"             Text="Type of file:"/>
310	<Value Id="PropertiesGeneralTypeFormat"       Text="{0} Format Sound (.{1})"/>
311	<Value Id="PropertiesGeneralVariousFormats"   Text="Various formats"/>
312	<Value Id="PropertiesGeneralLength"           Text="Length:"/>
313	<Value Id="PropertiesGeneralChannels"         Text="Channels:"/>
314	<Value Id="PropertiesGeneralVariousChannels"  Text="Various channels"/>
315	<Value Id="PropertiesGeneralCodec"            Text="Codec:"/>
316	<Value Id="PropertiesGeneralVariousCodecs"    Text="Various codecs"/>
317	<Value Id="PropertiesGeneralBitrate"          Text="Bitrate:"/>
318	<Value Id="PropertiesGeneralVariousBitrates"  Text="Various bitrates"/>
319	<Value Id="PropertiesGeneralSamplerate"        Text="Samplerate:"/>
320	<Value Id="PropertiesGeneralVariousSamplerates" Text="Various rates"/>
321	<Value Id="PropertiesGeneralLocation"          Text="Location:"/>
322	<Value Id="PropertiesGeneralVariousLocations" Text="Various folders"/>
323	<Value Id="PropertiesGeneralSize"             Text="Size:"/>
324	<Value Id="PropertiesGeneralPlayCount"        Text="Play count:"/>
325	<Value Id="PropertiesGeneralLastPlayed"       Text="Last played:"/>
326	<Value Id="PropertiesGeneralCreated"          Text="Created:"/>
327	<Value Id="PropertiesGeneralModified"         Text="Modified:"/>
328	<Value Id="PropertiesGeneralAccessed"         Text="Accessed:"/>
329	<Value Id="PropertiesDetails"               Header="Details"/>
330	<Value Id="PropertiesDetailsProperty"      Content="Property"/>
331	<Value Id="PropertiesDetailsValue"         Content="Value"/>
332	<Value Id="PropertiesDetailsMultipleValues"   Text="(multiple values)"/>
334	<Value Id="EqualizerTitle"                   Title="Equalizer"/>
335	<Value Id="EqualizerProfile"                  Text="Profile:"/>
336	<Value Id="EqualizerHertz"                    Text="Hz:"/>
337	<Value Id="EqualizerEcho"                     Text="Echo"/>
338	<Value Id="EqualizerProfileDefault"           Text="Default"/>
339	<Value Id="EchoWet"                           Text="Wet"/>
340	<Value Id="EchoDry"                           Text="Dry"/>
342	<Value Id="GeneratePlaylistTitle"            Title="Generate playlist"/>
343	<Value Id="FromList"                          Text="From list"/>
344	<Value Id="AllTracks"                      Content="All tracks"/>
345	<Value Id="NumberOfTracks"                    Text="Number of tracks"/>
346	<Value Id="ApplySearch"                       Text="Apply current search filter"/>
347	<Value Id="Name"                              Text="Name"/>
348	<Value Id="ButtonGenerate"                 Content="Generate"/>
350	<Value Id="DateDays"                          Text="days"/>
351	<Value Id="DateHours"                         Text="hours"/>
352	<Value Id="DateMinutes"                       Text="minutes"/>
353	<Value Id="DateSeconds"                       Text="seconds"/>
355	<Value Id="SizeBytes"                         Text="{0} bytes"/>
356	<Value Id="SizeKb"                            Text="{0} Kb"/>
357	<Value Id="SizeMb"                            Text="{0} Mb"/>
358	<Value Id="SizeGb"                            Text="{0} Gb"/>
359	<Value Id="SizeTb"                            Text="{0} Tb"/>
360	<Value Id="SizePb"                            Text="{0} Pb"/>
361	<Value Id="SizeEb"                            Text="{0} Eb"/>
363	<Value Id="BeatsPerMinute"                    Text="{0} bpm"/>
365	<Value Id="FileTypeYouTube"                   Text="YouTube track"/>
366	<Value Id="FileTypeExtension"                 Text="{0} file"/>
368	<Value Id="UpgradeConnecting"                 Text="Connecting..."/>
369	<Value Id="UpgradeDownloading"                Text="Downloading..."/>
370	<Value Id="UpgradeProcessing"                 Text="Processing..."/>
371	<Value Id="UpgradeNotChecked"                 Text="Haven't checked yet"/>
372	<Value Id="UpgradeWait"                       Text="Please wait..."/>
373	<Value Id="UpgradePending"                    Text="Upgrade installed, please restart"/>
374	<Value Id="UpgradeNotFound"                   Text="You are running the latest version"/>
375	<Value Id="UpgradeFound"                      Text="There is an upgrade available"/>
376	<Value Id="UpgradeDebug"                      Text="Upgrades turned off because of DEBUG mode"/>
377	<Value Id="UpgradeInProgress"                 Text="Upgrade in progress.
378Please wait..."/>
380	<Value Id="DialogNameCreateTitle"             Text="Create profile"/>
381	<Value Id="DialogNameRenameTitle"             Text="Rename profile"/>
382	<Value Id="DialogNameDescription"             Text="Give your profile a name"/>
383	<Value Id="DialogNameExistsError"             Text="A profile with that name already exists"/>
384	<Value Id="DialogNameInvalidError"            Text="Use only A-Z and numbers"/>
385	<Value Id="DialogNameEmptyError"              Text="Enter a name"/>
386	<Value Id="DialogNumberTooSmall"              Text="The number must be larger than {0}"/>
387	<Value Id="DialogNumberTooLarge"              Text="The number must be smaller than {0}"/>
388	<Value Id="DialogNumberInvalid"               Text="The number is invalid"/>
390	<Value Id="MessageOldWindows"                Title="Old School Is Not Cool" Message="Sorry, but you need to upgrade Windows in order to enjoy Stoffi"/>
391	<Value Id="MessageShortcutClash"             Title="Shortcut Already Exists" Message="That shortcut is already used for %name (%category)
392Do you want to replace it?"/>
393	<Value Id="MessageDeletePlaylist"            Title="Delete Playlist" Message="Are you sure you want to delete the playlist '%name'?"/>
394	<Value Id="MessageSavingPlaylist"	           Title="Could Not Save Playlist" Message="There was a problem saving the playlist"/>
395	<Value Id="MessageContactingServer"           Text="Could not contact the server"/>
396	<Value Id="MessageSaveProfile"               Title="Save Changes To Profile" Message="Some values has been changed.
397Do you want to save them?"/>
398	<Value Id="MessageUpgradeInProgress"         Title="Upgrade In Progress" Message="There is an upgrade in progress.
399Are you sure you want to quit?"/>
400	<Value Id="MessageNoFlash"                   Title="Flash Not Installed" Message="You need Flash for Internet Explorer.
401Would you like to download it?"/>
402	<Value Id="MessageYouTubeBadParams"          Title="YouTube Player Error" Message="Bad parameters to YouTube player."/>
403	<Value Id="MessageYouTubeNotFound"           Title="YouTube Player Error" Message="The track has either been removed or marked as private."/>
404	<Value Id="MessageYouTubeUnknown"            Title="YouTube Player Error" Message="Unknown error (code: {0})."/>
405	<Value Id="MessageAlreadyAddedSource"        Title="Source Is Already Added" Message="The source you are trying to add is already added."/>
406	<Value Id="MessageConnectionProblem"         Title="Connection Problem" Message="Could not contact the server.
408This can be caused by a problem with your connection
409or that our servers are misbehaving."/>
410	<Value Id="MessageConfirmDelete"             Title="Delete From Disk" Message="Are you sure you want to delete this file from the disk?"/>
411	<Value Id="MessageErrorDeleting"             Title="Could Not Delete File"/>
412	<Value Id="MessageErrorUpdating"             Title="Could Not Update File"/>
413	<Value Id="MessageErrorRenaming"             Title="Could Not Rename File"/>
415	<Value Id="HeaderTracks"                      Text="tracks"/>
416	<Value Id="MetaDataLoading"                   Text="Loading..."/>
417	<Value Id="NoVideoAvailable"                  Text="There is no video available"/>
418	<Value Id="SavingSettings"                 Content="Saving settings."/>
419	<Value Id="Closing"                        Content="Closing Stoffi."/>