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C Header | 534 lines | 486 code | 3 blank | 45 comment | 2 complexity | 6807eeb560bddfa2a4f3772d2ac194a6 MD5 | raw file
  3  intern.h -
  5  $Author: shyouhei $
  6  $Date: 2011-05-23 13:49:40 +0900 (Mon, 23 May 2011) $
  7  created at: Thu Jun 10 14:22:17 JST 1993
  9  Copyright (C) 1993-2003 Yukihiro Matsumoto
 10  Copyright (C) 2000  Network Applied Communication Laboratory, Inc.
 11  Copyright (C) 2000  Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan
 16 * Functions and variables that are used by more than one source file of
 17 * the kernel.
 18 */
 20#define ID_ALLOCATOR 1
 22/* array.c */
 23void rb_mem_clear _((register VALUE*, register long));
 24VALUE rb_assoc_new _((VALUE, VALUE));
 25VALUE rb_check_array_type _((VALUE));
 26VALUE rb_ary_new _((void));
 27VALUE rb_ary_new2 _((long));
 28VALUE rb_ary_new3 __((long,...));
 29VALUE rb_ary_new4 _((long, const VALUE *));
 30VALUE rb_ary_freeze _((VALUE));
 31VALUE rb_ary_aref _((int, VALUE*, VALUE));
 32void rb_ary_store _((VALUE, long, VALUE));
 33VALUE rb_ary_dup _((VALUE));
 34VALUE rb_ary_to_ary _((VALUE));
 35VALUE rb_ary_to_s _((VALUE));
 36VALUE rb_ary_push _((VALUE, VALUE));
 37VALUE rb_ary_pop _((VALUE));
 38VALUE rb_ary_shift _((VALUE));
 39VALUE rb_ary_unshift _((VALUE, VALUE));
 40VALUE rb_ary_entry _((VALUE, long));
 41VALUE rb_ary_each _((VALUE));
 42VALUE rb_ary_join _((VALUE, VALUE));
 43VALUE rb_ary_print_on _((VALUE, VALUE));
 44VALUE rb_ary_reverse _((VALUE));
 45VALUE rb_ary_sort _((VALUE));
 46VALUE rb_ary_sort_bang _((VALUE));
 47VALUE rb_ary_delete _((VALUE, VALUE));
 48VALUE rb_ary_delete_at _((VALUE, long));
 49VALUE rb_ary_clear _((VALUE));
 50VALUE rb_ary_plus _((VALUE, VALUE));
 51VALUE rb_ary_concat _((VALUE, VALUE));
 52VALUE rb_ary_assoc _((VALUE, VALUE));
 53VALUE rb_ary_rassoc _((VALUE, VALUE));
 54VALUE rb_ary_includes _((VALUE, VALUE));
 55VALUE rb_ary_cmp _((VALUE, VALUE));
 56VALUE rb_protect_inspect _((VALUE(*)(ANYARGS),VALUE,VALUE));
 57VALUE rb_inspecting_p _((VALUE));
 58VALUE rb_check_array_value _((VALUE));
 59VALUE rb_values_at _((VALUE, long, int, VALUE*, VALUE(*) _((VALUE,long))));
 60/* bignum.c */
 61VALUE rb_big_clone _((VALUE));
 62void rb_big_2comp _((VALUE));
 63VALUE rb_big_norm _((VALUE));
 64VALUE rb_uint2big _((unsigned long));
 65VALUE rb_int2big _((long));
 66VALUE rb_uint2inum _((unsigned long));
 67VALUE rb_int2inum _((long));
 68VALUE rb_cstr_to_inum _((const char*, int, int));
 69VALUE rb_str_to_inum _((VALUE, int, int));
 70VALUE rb_cstr2inum _((const char*, int));
 71VALUE rb_str2inum _((VALUE, int));
 72VALUE rb_big2str _((VALUE, int));
 73VALUE rb_big2str0 _((VALUE, int, int));
 74long rb_big2long _((VALUE));
 75#define rb_big2int(x) rb_big2long(x)
 76unsigned long rb_big2ulong _((VALUE));
 77#define rb_big2uint(x) rb_big2ulong(x)
 79VALUE rb_ll2inum _((LONG_LONG));
 80VALUE rb_ull2inum _((unsigned LONG_LONG));
 81LONG_LONG rb_big2ll _((VALUE));
 82unsigned LONG_LONG rb_big2ull _((VALUE));
 83#endif  /* HAVE_LONG_LONG */
 84void rb_quad_pack _((char*,VALUE));
 85VALUE rb_quad_unpack _((const char*,int));
 86void rb_big_pack(VALUE val, unsigned long *buf, long num_longs);
 87VALUE rb_big_unpack(unsigned long *buf, long num_longs);
 88VALUE rb_dbl2big _((double));
 89double rb_big2dbl _((VALUE));
 90VALUE rb_big_plus _((VALUE, VALUE));
 91VALUE rb_big_minus _((VALUE, VALUE));
 92VALUE rb_big_mul _((VALUE, VALUE));
 93VALUE rb_big_divmod _((VALUE, VALUE));
 94VALUE rb_big_pow _((VALUE, VALUE));
 95VALUE rb_big_and _((VALUE, VALUE));
 96VALUE rb_big_or _((VALUE, VALUE));
 97VALUE rb_big_xor _((VALUE, VALUE));
 98VALUE rb_big_lshift _((VALUE, VALUE));
 99VALUE rb_big_rand _((VALUE, double*));
100/* class.c */
101VALUE rb_class_boot _((VALUE));
102VALUE rb_class_new _((VALUE));
103VALUE rb_mod_init_copy _((VALUE, VALUE));
104VALUE rb_class_init_copy _((VALUE, VALUE));
105VALUE rb_singleton_class_clone _((VALUE));
106void rb_singleton_class_attached _((VALUE,VALUE));
107VALUE rb_make_metaclass _((VALUE, VALUE));
108void rb_check_inheritable _((VALUE));
109VALUE rb_class_inherited _((VALUE, VALUE));
110VALUE rb_define_class_id _((ID, VALUE));
111VALUE rb_module_new _((void));
112VALUE rb_define_module_id _((ID));
113VALUE rb_mod_included_modules _((VALUE));
114VALUE rb_mod_include_p _((VALUE, VALUE));
115VALUE rb_mod_ancestors _((VALUE));
116VALUE rb_class_instance_methods _((int, VALUE*, VALUE));
117VALUE rb_class_public_instance_methods _((int, VALUE*, VALUE));
118VALUE rb_class_protected_instance_methods _((int, VALUE*, VALUE));
119VALUE rb_big_rshift(VALUE, VALUE);
120VALUE rb_class_private_instance_methods _((int, VALUE*, VALUE));
121VALUE rb_obj_singleton_methods _((int, VALUE*, VALUE));
122void rb_define_method_id _((VALUE, ID, VALUE (*)(ANYARGS), int));
123void rb_frozen_class_p _((VALUE));
124void rb_undef _((VALUE, ID));
125void rb_define_protected_method _((VALUE, const char*, VALUE (*)(ANYARGS), int));
126void rb_define_private_method _((VALUE, const char*, VALUE (*)(ANYARGS), int));
127void rb_define_singleton_method _((VALUE, const char*, VALUE(*)(ANYARGS), int));
128VALUE rb_singleton_class _((VALUE));
129/* compar.c */
130int rb_cmpint _((VALUE, VALUE, VALUE));
131NORETURN(void rb_cmperr _((VALUE, VALUE)));
132/* enum.c */
133VALUE rb_block_call _((VALUE, ID, int, VALUE*, VALUE (*)(ANYARGS), VALUE));
134/* enumerator.c */
135VALUE rb_enumeratorize _((VALUE, VALUE, int, VALUE *));
136#define RETURN_ENUMERATOR(obj, argc, argv) do {				\
137	if (!rb_block_given_p())					\
138	    return rb_enumeratorize(obj, ID2SYM(rb_frame_this_func()),	\
139				    argc, argv);			\
140    } while (0)
141/* error.c */
142RUBY_EXTERN int ruby_nerrs;
143VALUE rb_exc_new _((VALUE, const char*, long));
144VALUE rb_exc_new2 _((VALUE, const char*));
145VALUE rb_exc_new3 _((VALUE, VALUE));
146NORETURN(void rb_loaderror __((const char*, ...)));
147NORETURN(void rb_name_error __((ID, const char*, ...)));
148NORETURN(void rb_invalid_str _((const char*, const char*)));
149void rb_compile_error __((const char*, ...));
150void rb_compile_error_append __((const char*, ...));
151NORETURN(void rb_load_fail _((const char*)));
152NORETURN(void rb_error_frozen _((const char*)));
153void rb_check_frozen _((VALUE));
154/* eval.c */
155RUBY_EXTERN struct RNode *ruby_current_node;
156void ruby_set_current_source _((void));
157NORETURN(void rb_exc_raise _((VALUE)));
158NORETURN(void rb_exc_fatal _((VALUE)));
159VALUE rb_f_exit _((int,VALUE*));
160VALUE rb_f_abort _((int,VALUE*));
161void rb_remove_method _((VALUE, const char*));
162#define rb_disable_super(klass, name) ((void)0)
163#define rb_enable_super(klass, name) ((void)0)
165void rb_define_alloc_func _((VALUE, VALUE (*)(VALUE)));
166void rb_undef_alloc_func _((VALUE));
167void rb_clear_cache _((void));
168void rb_clear_cache_by_class _((VALUE));
169void rb_alias _((VALUE, ID, ID));
170void rb_attr _((VALUE,ID,int,int,int));
171int rb_method_boundp _((VALUE, ID, int));
172VALUE rb_dvar_defined _((ID));
173VALUE rb_dvar_curr _((ID));
174VALUE rb_dvar_ref _((ID));
175void rb_dvar_asgn _((ID, VALUE));
176void rb_dvar_push _((ID, VALUE));
177VALUE *rb_svar _((int));
178VALUE rb_eval_cmd _((VALUE, VALUE, int));
179int rb_obj_respond_to _((VALUE, ID, int));
180int rb_respond_to _((VALUE, ID));
181void rb_interrupt _((void));
182VALUE rb_apply _((VALUE, ID, VALUE));
183void rb_backtrace _((void));
184ID rb_frame_last_func _((void));
185ID rb_frame_this_func _((void));
186VALUE rb_obj_instance_eval _((int, VALUE*, VALUE));
187VALUE rb_mod_module_eval _((int, VALUE*, VALUE));
188void rb_load _((VALUE, int));
189void rb_load_protect _((VALUE, int, int*));
190NORETURN(void rb_jump_tag _((int)));
191int rb_provided _((const char*));
192void rb_provide _((const char*));
193VALUE rb_f_require _((VALUE, VALUE));
194VALUE rb_require_safe _((VALUE, int));
195void rb_obj_call_init _((VALUE, int, VALUE*));
196VALUE rb_class_new_instance _((int, VALUE*, VALUE));
197VALUE rb_block_proc _((void));
198VALUE rb_block_dup _((VALUE, VALUE, VALUE));
199VALUE rb_method_dup _((VALUE, VALUE, VALUE));
200VALUE rb_f_lambda _((void));
201VALUE rb_proc_call _((VALUE, VALUE));
202VALUE rb_obj_method _((VALUE, VALUE));
203VALUE rb_protect _((VALUE (*)(VALUE), VALUE, int*));
204void rb_set_end_proc _((void (*)(VALUE), VALUE));
205void rb_mark_end_proc _((void));
206void rb_exec_end_proc _((void));
207void ruby_finalize _((void));
208NORETURN(void ruby_stop _((int)));
209int ruby_cleanup _((int));
210int ruby_exec _((void));
211void rb_gc_mark_threads _((void));
212void rb_thread_start_timer _((void));
213void rb_thread_stop_timer _((void));
214void rb_thread_schedule _((void));
215void rb_thread_wait_fd _((int));
216int rb_thread_fd_writable _((int));
217void rb_thread_fd_close _((int));
218int rb_thread_alone _((void));
219void rb_thread_polling _((void));
220void rb_thread_sleep _((int));
221void rb_thread_sleep_forever _((void));
222VALUE rb_thread_stop _((void));
223VALUE rb_thread_wakeup _((VALUE));
224VALUE rb_thread_wakeup_alive _((VALUE));
225VALUE rb_thread_run _((VALUE));
226VALUE rb_thread_kill _((VALUE));
227VALUE rb_thread_alive_p _((VALUE));
228VALUE rb_thread_create _((VALUE (*)(ANYARGS), void*));
229void rb_thread_interrupt _((void));
230void rb_thread_trap_eval _((VALUE, int, int));
231void rb_thread_signal_raise _((int));
232void rb_thread_signal_exit _((void));
233int rb_thread_select _((int, fd_set *, fd_set *, fd_set *, struct timeval *));
234void rb_thread_wait_for _((struct timeval));
235VALUE rb_thread_current _((void));
236VALUE rb_thread_main _((void));
237VALUE rb_thread_local_aref _((VALUE, ID));
238VALUE rb_thread_local_aset _((VALUE, ID, VALUE));
239void rb_thread_atfork _((void));
240VALUE rb_exec_recursive _((VALUE(*)(VALUE, VALUE, int),VALUE,VALUE));
241VALUE rb_funcall_rescue __((VALUE, ID, int, ...));
242/* file.c */
243VALUE rb_file_s_expand_path _((int, VALUE *));
244VALUE rb_file_expand_path _((VALUE, VALUE));
245void rb_file_const _((const char*, VALUE));
246int rb_find_file_ext _((VALUE*, const char* const*));
247VALUE rb_find_file _((VALUE));
248char *rb_path_next _((const char *));
249char *rb_path_skip_prefix _((const char *));
250char *rb_path_last_separator _((const char *));
251char *rb_path_end _((const char *));
252VALUE rb_file_directory_p _((VALUE,VALUE));
253/* gc.c */
254NORETURN(void rb_memerror __((void)));
255int ruby_stack_check _((void));
256size_t ruby_stack_length _((VALUE**));
257int rb_during_gc _((void));
258char *rb_source_filename _((const char*));
259void rb_gc_mark_locations _((VALUE*, VALUE*));
260void rb_mark_tbl _((struct st_table*));
261void rb_mark_set _((struct st_table*));
262void rb_mark_hash _((struct st_table*));
263void rb_gc_mark_maybe _((VALUE));
264void rb_gc_mark _((VALUE));
265void rb_gc_force_recycle _((VALUE));
266void rb_gc _((void));
267void rb_gc_copy_finalizer _((VALUE,VALUE));
268void rb_gc_finalize_deferred _((void));
269void rb_gc_call_finalizer_at_exit _((void));
270VALUE rb_gc_enable _((void));
271VALUE rb_gc_disable _((void));
272VALUE rb_gc_start _((void));
273/* hash.c */
274void st_foreach_safe _((struct st_table *, int (*)(ANYARGS), unsigned long));
275void rb_hash_foreach _((VALUE, int (*)(ANYARGS), VALUE));
276VALUE rb_hash _((VALUE));
277VALUE rb_hash_new _((void));
278VALUE rb_hash_freeze _((VALUE));
279VALUE rb_hash_aref _((VALUE, VALUE));
280VALUE rb_hash_lookup _((VALUE, VALUE));
281VALUE rb_hash_aset _((VALUE, VALUE, VALUE));
282VALUE rb_hash_delete_if _((VALUE));
283VALUE rb_hash_delete _((VALUE,VALUE));
284int rb_path_check _((const char*));
285int rb_env_path_tainted _((void));
286/* io.c */
287#define rb_defout rb_stdout
289RUBY_EXTERN VALUE rb_output_fs;
291RUBY_EXTERN VALUE rb_default_rs;
292RUBY_EXTERN VALUE rb_output_rs;
293VALUE rb_io_write _((VALUE, VALUE));
294VALUE rb_io_gets _((VALUE));
295VALUE rb_io_getc _((VALUE));
296VALUE rb_io_ungetc _((VALUE, VALUE));
297VALUE rb_io_close _((VALUE));
298VALUE rb_io_eof _((VALUE));
299VALUE rb_io_binmode _((VALUE));
300VALUE rb_io_addstr _((VALUE, VALUE));
301VALUE rb_io_printf _((int, VALUE*, VALUE));
302VALUE rb_io_print _((int, VALUE*, VALUE));
303VALUE rb_io_puts _((int, VALUE*, VALUE));
304VALUE rb_file_open _((const char*, const char*));
305VALUE rb_gets _((void));
306void rb_write_error _((const char*));
307void rb_write_error2 _((const char*, long));
308/* marshal.c */
309VALUE rb_marshal_dump _((VALUE, VALUE));
310VALUE rb_marshal_load _((VALUE));
311/* numeric.c */
312void rb_num_zerodiv _((void));
313VALUE rb_num_coerce_bin _((VALUE, VALUE));
314VALUE rb_num_coerce_cmp _((VALUE, VALUE));
315VALUE rb_num_coerce_relop _((VALUE, VALUE));
316VALUE rb_float_new _((double));
317VALUE rb_num2fix _((VALUE));
318VALUE rb_fix2str _((VALUE, int));
319VALUE rb_dbl_cmp _((double, double));
320/* object.c */
321int rb_eql _((VALUE, VALUE));
322VALUE rb_any_to_s _((VALUE));
323VALUE rb_inspect _((VALUE));
324VALUE rb_obj_is_instance_of _((VALUE, VALUE));
325VALUE rb_obj_is_kind_of _((VALUE, VALUE));
326VALUE rb_obj_alloc _((VALUE));
327VALUE rb_obj_clone _((VALUE));
328VALUE rb_obj_dup _((VALUE));
329VALUE rb_obj_init_copy _((VALUE,VALUE));
330VALUE rb_obj_taint _((VALUE));
331VALUE rb_obj_tainted _((VALUE));
332VALUE rb_obj_untaint _((VALUE));
333VALUE rb_obj_freeze _((VALUE));
334VALUE rb_obj_id _((VALUE));
335VALUE rb_obj_class _((VALUE));
336VALUE rb_class_real _((VALUE));
337VALUE rb_class_inherited_p _((VALUE, VALUE));
338VALUE rb_convert_type _((VALUE,int,const char*,const char*));
339VALUE rb_check_convert_type _((VALUE,int,const char*,const char*));
340VALUE rb_check_to_integer _((VALUE, const char *));
341VALUE rb_to_int _((VALUE));
342VALUE rb_Integer _((VALUE));
343VALUE rb_Float _((VALUE));
344VALUE rb_String _((VALUE));
345VALUE rb_Array _((VALUE));
346double rb_cstr_to_dbl _((const char*, int));
347double rb_str_to_dbl _((VALUE, int));
348/* parse.y */
349RUBY_EXTERN int   ruby_sourceline;
350RUBY_EXTERN char *ruby_sourcefile;
351int ruby_yyparse _((void));
352ID rb_id_attrset _((ID));
353void rb_parser_append_print _((void));
354void rb_parser_while_loop _((int, int));
355int ruby_parser_stack_on_heap _((void));
356void rb_gc_mark_parser _((void));
357int rb_is_const_id _((ID));
358int rb_is_instance_id _((ID));
359int rb_is_class_id _((ID));
360int rb_is_local_id _((ID));
361int rb_is_junk_id _((ID));
362int rb_symname_p _((const char*));
363int rb_sym_interned_p _((VALUE));
364VALUE rb_backref_get _((void));
365void rb_backref_set _((VALUE));
366VALUE rb_lastline_get _((void));
367void rb_lastline_set _((VALUE));
368VALUE rb_sym_all_symbols _((void));
369/* process.c */
370int rb_proc_exec _((const char*));
371VALUE rb_f_exec _((int,VALUE*));
372int rb_waitpid _((int,int*,int));
373void rb_syswait _((int));
374VALUE rb_proc_times _((VALUE));
375VALUE rb_detach_process _((int));
376/* range.c */
377VALUE rb_range_new _((VALUE, VALUE, int));
378VALUE rb_range_beg_len _((VALUE, long*, long*, long, int));
379VALUE rb_length_by_each _((VALUE));
380/* random.c */
381unsigned long rb_genrand_int32(void);
382double rb_genrand_real(void);
383void rb_reset_random_seed(void);
384/* re.c */
385int rb_memcmp _((const void*,const void*,long));
386int rb_memcicmp _((const void*,const void*,long));
387long rb_memsearch _((const void*,long,const void*,long));
388VALUE rb_reg_nth_defined _((int, VALUE));
389VALUE rb_reg_nth_match _((int, VALUE));
390VALUE rb_reg_last_match _((VALUE));
391VALUE rb_reg_match_pre _((VALUE));
392VALUE rb_reg_match_post _((VALUE));
393VALUE rb_reg_match_last _((VALUE));
394VALUE rb_reg_new _((const char*, long, int));
395VALUE rb_reg_match _((VALUE, VALUE));
396VALUE rb_reg_match2 _((VALUE));
397int rb_reg_options _((VALUE));
398void rb_set_kcode _((const char*));
399const char* rb_get_kcode _((void));
400void rb_kcode_set_option _((VALUE));
401void rb_kcode_reset_option _((void));
402/* ruby.c */
404RUBY_EXTERN VALUE rb_argv0;
405void rb_load_file _((const char*));
406void ruby_script _((const char*));
407void ruby_prog_init _((void));
408void ruby_set_argv _((int, char**));
409void ruby_process_options _((int, char**));
410void ruby_load_script _((void));
411void ruby_init_loadpath _((void));
412void ruby_incpush _((const char*));
413/* signal.c */
414VALUE rb_f_kill _((int, VALUE*));
415void rb_gc_mark_trap_list _((void));
416#ifdef POSIX_SIGNAL
417#define posix_signal ruby_posix_signal
418void posix_signal _((int, RETSIGTYPE (*)(int)));
420void rb_trap_exit _((void));
421void rb_trap_exec _((void));
422const char *ruby_signal_name _((int));
423void ruby_default_signal _((int));
424/* sprintf.c */
425VALUE rb_f_sprintf _((int, VALUE*));
426VALUE rb_str_format _((int, VALUE*, VALUE));
427/* string.c */
428VALUE rb_str_new _((const char*, long));
429VALUE rb_str_new2 _((const char*));
430VALUE rb_str_new3 _((VALUE));
431VALUE rb_str_new4 _((VALUE));
432VALUE rb_str_new5 _((VALUE, const char*, long));
433VALUE rb_tainted_str_new _((const char*, long));
434VALUE rb_tainted_str_new2 _((const char*));
435VALUE rb_str_buf_new _((long));
436VALUE rb_str_buf_new2 _((const char*));
437VALUE rb_str_tmp_new _((long));
438VALUE rb_str_buf_append _((VALUE, VALUE));
439VALUE rb_str_buf_cat _((VALUE, const char*, long));
440VALUE rb_str_buf_cat2 _((VALUE, const char*));
441VALUE rb_obj_as_string _((VALUE));
442VALUE rb_check_string_type _((VALUE));
443VALUE rb_str_dup _((VALUE));
444VALUE rb_str_locktmp _((VALUE));
445VALUE rb_str_unlocktmp _((VALUE));
446VALUE rb_str_dup_frozen _((VALUE));
447VALUE rb_str_plus _((VALUE, VALUE));
448VALUE rb_str_times _((VALUE, VALUE));
449VALUE rb_str_substr _((VALUE, long, long));
450void rb_str_modify _((VALUE));
451VALUE rb_str_freeze _((VALUE));
452void rb_str_set_len _((VALUE, long));
453VALUE rb_str_resize _((VALUE, long));
454VALUE rb_str_cat _((VALUE, const char*, long));
455VALUE rb_str_cat2 _((VALUE, const char*));
456VALUE rb_str_append _((VALUE, VALUE));
457VALUE rb_str_concat _((VALUE, VALUE));
458int rb_str_hash _((VALUE));
459int rb_str_cmp _((VALUE, VALUE));
460VALUE rb_str_upto _((VALUE, VALUE, int));
461void rb_str_update _((VALUE, long, long, VALUE));
462VALUE rb_str_inspect _((VALUE));
463VALUE rb_str_dump _((VALUE));
464VALUE rb_str_split _((VALUE, const char*));
465void rb_str_associate _((VALUE, VALUE));
466VALUE rb_str_associated _((VALUE));
467void rb_str_setter _((VALUE, ID, VALUE*));
468VALUE rb_str_intern _((VALUE));
469/* struct.c */
470VALUE rb_struct_new __((VALUE, ...));
471VALUE rb_struct_define __((const char*, ...));
472VALUE rb_struct_alloc _((VALUE, VALUE));
473VALUE rb_struct_aref _((VALUE, VALUE));
474VALUE rb_struct_aset _((VALUE, VALUE, VALUE));
475VALUE rb_struct_getmember _((VALUE, ID));
476VALUE rb_struct_iv_get _((VALUE, const char*));
477VALUE rb_struct_s_members _((VALUE));
478VALUE rb_struct_members _((VALUE));
479/* time.c */
480VALUE rb_time_new _((time_t, time_t));
481/* variable.c */
482VALUE rb_mod_name _((VALUE));
483VALUE rb_class_path _((VALUE));
484void rb_set_class_path _((VALUE, VALUE, const char*));
485VALUE rb_path2class _((const char*));
486void rb_name_class _((VALUE, ID));
487VALUE rb_class_name _((VALUE));
488void rb_autoload _((VALUE, ID, const char*));
489VALUE rb_autoload_load _((VALUE, ID));
490VALUE rb_autoload_p _((VALUE, ID));
491void rb_gc_mark_global_tbl _((void));
492VALUE rb_f_trace_var _((int, VALUE*));
493VALUE rb_f_untrace_var _((int, VALUE*));
494VALUE rb_f_global_variables _((void));
495void rb_alias_variable _((ID, ID));
496struct st_table* rb_generic_ivar_table _((VALUE));
497void rb_copy_generic_ivar _((VALUE,VALUE));
498void rb_mark_generic_ivar _((VALUE));
499void rb_mark_generic_ivar_tbl _((void));
500void rb_free_generic_ivar _((VALUE));
501VALUE rb_ivar_get _((VALUE, ID));
502VALUE rb_ivar_set _((VALUE, ID, VALUE));
503VALUE rb_ivar_defined _((VALUE, ID));
504VALUE rb_iv_set _((VALUE, const char*, VALUE));
505VALUE rb_iv_get _((VALUE, const char*));
506VALUE rb_attr_get _((VALUE, ID));
507VALUE rb_obj_instance_variables _((VALUE));
508VALUE rb_obj_remove_instance_variable _((VALUE, VALUE));
509void *rb_mod_const_at _((VALUE, void*));
510void *rb_mod_const_of _((VALUE, void*));
511VALUE rb_const_list _((void*));
512VALUE rb_mod_constants _((VALUE));
513VALUE rb_mod_remove_const _((VALUE, VALUE));
514int rb_const_defined _((VALUE, ID));
515int rb_const_defined_at _((VALUE, ID));
516int rb_const_defined_from _((VALUE, ID));
517VALUE rb_const_get _((VALUE, ID));
518VALUE rb_const_get_at _((VALUE, ID));
519VALUE rb_const_get_from _((VALUE, ID));
520void rb_const_set _((VALUE, ID, VALUE));
521VALUE rb_mod_constants _((VALUE));
522VALUE rb_mod_const_missing _((VALUE,VALUE));
523VALUE rb_cvar_defined _((VALUE, ID));
524#define RB_CVAR_SET_4ARGS 1
525void rb_cvar_set _((VALUE, ID, VALUE, int));
526VALUE rb_cvar_get _((VALUE, ID));
527void rb_cv_set _((VALUE, const char*, VALUE));
528VALUE rb_cv_get _((VALUE, const char*));
529void rb_define_class_variable _((VALUE, const char*, VALUE));
530VALUE rb_mod_class_variables _((VALUE));
531VALUE rb_mod_remove_cvar _((VALUE, VALUE));
532/* version.c */
533void ruby_show_version _((void));
534void ruby_show_copyright _((void));