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 3The C++ CMS Project, an application to run websites, etc. using C++. 
 4We have a lot of CMSes in Python/PHP, but not in C++. C++, is one of
 5the fastest languages and this application is for sites, which expect
 6a large number of hits. We all know that Facebook designed a PHP to C++
 7converter because PHP was very slow and lagging the site when the site 
 8started getting a large number of hits. This is an open source project, 
 9licensed under GNU GPL v3. The project mailing list is located at 
12Please note: This project has no relation with the C++ Web Development 
13Framework as described at and 
14 We are considering a rename on this and a decision 
15will be taken soon.
17The project's main repository is at and
18there is a git mirror at
20Issues/bug reports/feature requests should go to
22The git mirror is read-write, people can contribute there as well and merging will be taken care
23of by people who use both the repositories (via hg-git).
25Project wiki is located at The wiki at present contains useful information for new contributors.