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 1Steps that we take when doing releases (so we don't forget)
 4All instructions assume a current working directory of trunk
 51) Be sure changelog is up to date. Check the commit messages for important bug fixes, enhancements, features, etc.
 62) Increment version number in changelog and (change "svn HEAD" to "version x.x.x")
 73) Be sure man pages are up to date.
 84) Update VERSION variable in src/google
 95) Update version keyword argument in
106) cp src/ src/google ; chmod 755 src/google
117) Regenerate man page per instructions in src/google
128) Commit all these changes with a message like "Change to x.x.x" or "Committing updated version numbers x.x.x"
139) Use sdist to make the source distribution
1410) cd dist ; tar xf googlecl-x.x.x.tar.gz ; cd googlecl-x.x.x/
1511) chmod 755 src/google (sdist apparently sets whatever permissions it feels like)
1612) When you're convinced it's correct, use svn copy to tag the release:
17 $ svn copy -m "x.x.x release"
1813) Update release at pypi:
20===Debian package===
21Our .deb build currently uses git-buildpackage with a private git repo (sorry, hackers).
23===Windows executable===
24Note: This will only work from a windows machine with py2exe installed. You MUST use Python 2.5
251) Run 'cmd' to get a terminal
262) cd to the src directory of the repository, where win_setup is.
273) Copy to google.
284) Run "C:\path\to\python25\python.exe py2exe -O2" That's a capital "o", then a 2
295) LEGAL WORRY: After py2exe does its thing, ***REMOVE MSVCR71.dll*** from the newly created dist/
306) Copy trunk/README.txt and trunk/README.config into dist/
317) Rename dist/ to googlecl (or what have you) and zip it up.
33On legal worries: As far as I can tell, it is a breach of the EULA to distribute that DLL unless you own a license for Microsoft Visual C++, which I do not. Users that need it can follow the instructions on the wiki's SystemRequirements page