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 1(cl:defpackage :chillax.utils
 2  (:use :cl :alexandria)
 3  (:export
 4   :fun :mkhash :hashget :strcat :dequote :at))
 5(in-package :chillax.utils)
 7;;; Functions
 8(defmacro fun (&body body)
 9  "This macro puts the FUN back in FUNCTION."
10  `(lambda (&optional _) (declare (ignorable _)) ,@body))
12;;; Hash tables
13(defun mkhash (&rest keys-and-values &aux (table (make-hash-table :test #'equal)))
14  "Convenience function for `literal' hash table definition."
15  (loop for (key val) on keys-and-values by #'cddr do (setf (gethash key table) val)
16     finally (return table)))
18(defun hashget (hash &rest keys)
19  "Convenience function for recursively accessing hash tables."
20  (reduce (lambda (h k) (gethash k h)) keys :initial-value hash))
22(define-compiler-macro hashget (hash &rest keys)
23  (if (null keys) hash
24      (let ((hash-sym (make-symbol "HASH"))
25            (key-syms (loop for i below (length keys)
26                         collect (make-symbol (format nil "~:@(~:R~)-KEY" i)))))
27        `(let ((,hash-sym ,hash)
28               ,@(loop for key in keys for sym in key-syms
29                    collect `(,sym ,key)))
30           ,(reduce (lambda (hash key) `(gethash ,key ,hash))
31                    key-syms :initial-value hash-sym)))))
33(defun (setf hashget) (new-value hash key &rest more-keys)
34  "Uses the last key given to hashget to insert NEW-VALUE into the hash table
35returned by the second-to-last key.
36tl;dr: DWIM SETF function for HASHGET."
37  (if more-keys
38      (setf (gethash (car (last more-keys))
39                     (apply #'hashget hash key (butlast more-keys)))
40            new-value)
41      (setf (gethash key hash) new-value)))
43;;; Strings
44(defun strcat (string &rest more-strings)
45  (apply #'concatenate 'string string more-strings))
47(defun dequote (string)
48  (let ((len (length string)))
49    (if (and (> len 1) (starts-with #\" string) (ends-with #\" string))
50      (subseq string 1 (- len 1))
51      string)))
54;;; At
56(defgeneric at (doc &rest keys))
57(defgeneric (setf at) (new-value doc key &rest more-keys))
59(defmethod at ((doc hash-table) &rest keys)
60  (apply #'hashget doc keys))
61(defmethod (setf at) (new-value (doc hash-table) key &rest more-keys)
62  (apply #'(setf hashget) new-value doc key more-keys))
64(defmethod at ((doc list) &rest keys)
65  (reduce (lambda (alist key)
66            (cdr (assoc key alist :test #'equal)))
67          keys :initial-value doc))
68(defmethod (setf at) (new-value (doc list) key &rest more-keys)
69  (if more-keys
70      (setf (cdr (assoc (car (last more-keys))
71                        (apply #'at doc key (butlast more-keys))
72                        :test #'equal))
73            new-value)
74      (setf (cdr (assoc key doc :test #'equal)) new-value)))
76;; A playful alias.
77(defun @ (doc &rest keys)
78  (apply #'at doc keys))
79(defun (setf @) (new-value doc key &rest more-keys)
80  (apply #'(setf at) new-value doc key more-keys))