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 1function plotData(x, y)
 2%PLOTDATA Plots the data points x and y into a new figure 
 3%   PLOTDATA(x,y) plots the data points and gives the figure axes labels of
 4%   population and profit.
 6% ====================== YOUR CODE HERE ======================
 7% Instructions: Plot the training data into a figure using the 
 8%               "figure" and "plot" commands. Set the axes labels using
 9%               the "xlabel" and "ylabel" commands. Assume the 
10%               population and revenue data have been passed in
11%               as the x and y arguments of this function.
13% Hint: You can use the 'rx' option with plot to have the markers
14%       appear as red crosses. Furthermore, you can make the
15%       markers larger by using plot(..., 'rx', 'MarkerSize', 10);
17figure; % open a new figure window
18plot(x, y, 'rx', 'MarkerSize', 10); % Plot the data
19ylabel('Profit in $10,000s'); % Set the y−axis label
20xlabel('Population of City in 10,000s'); % Set the x−axis label
21% ============================================================