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 1Packaging Libmng for distribution
 4These are some notes for those building binaries for distribution.
 6We're interested to hear about anywhere libmng is helpful, so let us
 7know if you're including it with your application or OS. Also, if your
 8build is publicly accessible, we'd be happy to link to it from
 9the libmng site.
11However, We respectfully request that you *not* distribute binaries as a
12shared library (DLL) with any of the major features disabled. While
13there is support for this in terms of #ifdef directives (in
14libmng_conf.h) and autoconf switches they are intended for embedded
15application and testing. The default compilation options support the
16full MNG specification, and we wish to avoid the confusion among
17general users that partial support would engender.
20Platform specific notes:
22We have a basic .spec file for generating rpms. Send us a note if you'd
23like to clean it up.