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 2  The zziplib provides read access to zipped files in a zip-archive,
 3  using compression based solely on free algorithms provided by zlib.
 4  It also provides a functionality to overlay the archive filesystem
 5  with the filesystem of the operating system environment.
 8  The project was originally written by Tomi Ollila, later largely
 9  rewritten by Guido Draheim, and extended with contributions in
10  the years to follow. Guido Draheim <> holds the full
11  copyright to the zziplib sources.
14  The zziplib may be used freely under the restrictions of the
15  GNU Lesser General Public License version 2 or later. Alternativly
16  the Mozilla Public license can be chosen. The sources are under
17  a dual license, as long as the MPL hint is not removed, the modified
18  files will be again under a dual license for the final recipient.
21  If you can not use a dynalinked library according to LGPL rules,
22  then look at docs/copying.htm for a few hints. Generally the LGPL 
23  has a way for staticlinking as well as the MPL has a way. Anyway,
24  special (paid) licenses can be negotiated with the copyright holder.
27  The zziplib project is hosted at SourceForge, the complete
28  documentation can be found at - the
29  SourceForge servers are also used to distribute the sources
30  of the zziplib project. Releases are announced via the
31  freshmeat services on
34  The zziplib sources are built with gnu autotools and they should
35  be easy to install on unixish systems via the usual sequence of
36  `configure && make && make check && make install`. Many distributors
37  ship prebuilt packages e.g. in rpm format. Additionally there are
38  MSVC project files shipped along for usage with the Microsoft
39  VisualC series of compilers. There should be no problem either
40  when crosscompiling the zziplib for a third host platform.
43  The zziplib library is intentionally a lightweight interface to
44  zip files. The author take patches but please consider to put 
45  complex extensions into separate modules rather than implanting them
46  right into the core of the library engine. All Patches and Bug Reports
47  should be sent to Guido Draheim <>.