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 2The  FreeType 2  font  engine is  copyrighted  work and  cannot be  used
 3legally  without a  software license.   In  order to  make this  project
 4usable  to a vast  majority of  developers, we  distribute it  under two
 5mutually exclusive open-source licenses.
 7This means  that *you* must choose  *one* of the  two licenses described
 8below, then obey  all its terms and conditions when  using FreeType 2 in
 9any of your projects or products.
11  - The FreeType License, found in  the file `FTL.TXT', which is similar
12    to the original BSD license *with* an advertising clause that forces
13    you  to  explicitly cite  the  FreeType  project  in your  product's
14    documentation.  All  details are in the license  file.  This license
15    is  suited  to products  which  don't  use  the GNU  General  Public
16    License.
18    Note that  this license  is  compatible  to the  GNU General  Public
19    License version 3, but not version 2.
21  - The GNU General Public License version 2, found in  `GPLv2.TXT' (any
22    later version can be used  also), for programs which already use the
23    GPL.  Note  that the  FTL is  incompatible  with  GPLv2 due  to  its
24    advertisement clause.
26The contributed BDF and PCF drivers come with a license similar  to that
27of the X Window System.  It is compatible to the above two licenses (see
28file src/bdf/README and src/pcf/README).
30The gzip module uses the zlib license (see src/gzip/zlib.h) which too is
31compatible to the above two licenses.
34--- end of LICENSE.TXT ---