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 1TITLEBlessed Be Your NameAUTHORMatt RedmanPARTpBlessed be Your name
 2In the land that is plentiful
 3Though Your streams of abundance flow
 4Blessed be Your namePARTrBlessed be Your name
 5On the road marked with suffering
 6Though there's pain in the offering
 7Blessed be Your namePARTiEvery blessing You pour out I'll
 8Turn back to praise
 9When the darkness closes in Lord
10Still I will sayPARTuBlessed be the name of the Lord
11Blessed be Your name
12Blessed be the name of the Lord
13Blessed be Your glorious namePARTaYou give and take away
14You give and take away
15My heart will choose to say
16Blessed be Your name