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 1TITLEMighty to SaveAUTHORHillsongPART˜Everyone needs compassion
 2Love that’s never failing
 3Let mercy fall on me
 4Everyone needs forgiveness
 5The kindness of a Saviour
 6The hope of nationsPARTRSaviour
 7He can move the mountains
 8My God is mighty to save
 9He is mighty to savePARTXForever
10Author of salvation
11He rose and conquered the grave
12Jesus conquered the gravePARTŒSo take me as You find me
13All my fears and failures
14Fill my life again
15I give my life to follow
16Everything I believe in
17Now I surrenderPART^Shine Your light and let the whole world see
18We’re singing
19For the glory of the risen King