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 1TITLEThe Fullness of GodAUTHORFrank Andersen
 2COPYRIGHTLINE Frank Andersen & Chevalier PressPARTkDeep in Christ I pray you know
 3the Power He can give!
 4May your hidden self grow strong!
 5And may you livePARTmstrong in faith and built on love
 6until you know
 7how high and long, how wide and deep
 8the fullness of God!PARTgMay the God of Jesus Christ,
 9the Father we serve
10fill your mind that you may see,
11deep in your heartPARTuwhat hope his call now holds for you:
12His promise true:
13to fill your heart with power to live
14the fullness of God!PARTkKnow the way you learnt from Christ:
15to live life anew!
16Let your heart be drawn to Him;
17let Christ renewPARTjthe hope in you to grow into
18Goodness and Truth!
19And living so you'll come to know
20the fullness of God!PART7And living so you'll come to know
21the fullness of God!