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 1TITLEIn Faith and Hope and LoveAUTHOR	J McAuley
 3Norma mcAuleyPARTVIn faith and hope and love
 4With joyful trust we move
 5Towards our Father's home abovePART@Christ our star, our map, our road,
 6To the Father's high abode.PARTVIn faith and hope and love
 7With joyful trust we move
 8Towards our Father's home abovePARTAChrist our bread along the way;
 9Christ our rescue when we stray.PARTVIn faith and hope and love
10With joyful trust we move
11Towards our Father's home abovePARTBChrist our shelter, Christ our friend,
12Our beginning and our end.PARTVIn faith and hope and love
13With joyful trust we move
14Towards our Father's home abovePART;Christ our hope and our reward;
15Our redeemer and our Lord.PARTVIn faith and hope and love
16With joyful trust we move
17Towards our Father's home above