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 1TITLEBlessed Are YouAUTHORMary Trainor
 2COPYRIGHTLINEMary P TrainorPARTABlessed are you.
 3Blessed are you Lord God,
 4God of all creation.PARTŠThrough your goodness we take this bread
 5Ground from the seed that was sown,
 6fashioned by human hands
 7destined to be the bread of life.PARTABlessed are you.
 8Blessed are you Lord God,
 9God of all creation.PARTŠThrough your goodness we bring this wine
10Crushed from the fruit of the vine,
11fashioned by human hands
12destined to be the drink of life.PARTABlessed are you.
13Blessed are you Lord God,
14God of all creation.PARTyThrough Your goodness we bring ourselves,
15humbly before this altar,
16we are your handiwork
17destined to be in communion.PARTABlessed are you.
18Blessed are you Lord God,
19God of all creation.