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 1TITLELord Jesus, Lamb of GodAUTHORChristopher Willcock
 2COPYRIGHTLINEChristopher WillcockPARTcLord, Jesus, Lamb of God,
 3you take away our sin:
 4grant us your mercy, Lord,
 5grant us your mercy.PARTiLord, Jesus, Bread of life,
 6you feed us with yourself:
 7grant us your mercy, Lord,
 8grant us your mercy.PARTgLord, Jesus, Living Vine,
 9we draw our life from you:
10grant us your mercy, Lord,
11grant us your mercy.PARTiLord, Jesus, Word of God,
12your word sustains our life:
13grant us your mercy, Lord,
14grant us your mercy.PARTjLord, Jesus, put to death,
15your life poured out for us:
16grant us your mercy, Lord,
17grant us your mercy.PARTmLord, Jesus, raised to life,
18you now have conquered death:
19grant us your mercy, Lord,
20grant us your mercy.PARTmLord, Jesus, Prince of Peace,
21your rule dispels our fears:
22grant us your mercy, Lord,
23grant us your mercy.