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 1TITLEMorning Has BrokenAUTHOREleanor Farjeon
 2COPYRIGHTLINEDavid Higham Assoc. Ltd.PARTťMorning has broken
 3Like the first morning,
 4Blackbird has spoken
 5Like the first bird.
 6Praise for the singing!
 7Praise for the morning!
 8Praise for them, springing
 9Fresh from the word!PARTˇSweet the rain's new fall
10Sunlit from heaven,
11Like the first dewfall
12On the first grass.
13Praise for the sweetness
14Of the wet garden,
15Sprung in completeness
16Where his feet pass.PARTĄMine is the sunlight!
17Mine is the morning
18Born of the one light
19Eden saw play!
20Praise with elation,
21Praise ev'ry morning,
22God's recreation
23Of the new day!