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 1TITLEHoly Father, God of MightAUTHORRichard Connolly
 2COPYRIGHTLINEŠ Margaret ConnollyPART<Holy Father, God of might,
 3Throned amid the hosts of light,PARTGTake our life, our strength, our love,
 4King of earth and heav'n above.PARTEHear the songs your people raise,
 5Songs of joyful thanks and praise,PART9Calling all created things,
 6To adore you, King of kings.PART@Christ, be with us as we go,
 7Let this blind world see and know,PART:Burning in our lives, the sight
 8Of its only saving light.PART@So all men will bless your name,
 9And your kingship all proclaimPART=Praising with the heav'nly host
10Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.