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 2Given For YouAUTHORMichael Mangan
 3COPYRIGHTLINEŠ Litmus ProductionsPART Oh take, take and eat.
 4Oh take, take and drink
 5This is my body,
 6This is my blood.
 7Oh eat of this bread
 8And drink from this cup.
 9This I have given for you.PART­We are called to share the table of new life:
10Old and young, weak and strong.
11Come and eat, come and drink from the cup of life.
12Come and lift your voices, join the song.PART Oh take, take and eat.
13Oh take, take and drink
14This is my body,
15This is my blood.
16Oh eat of this bread
17And drink from this cup.
18This I have given for you.PARTœWe are called to share the story of our lives:
19Rich and poor, blind and lame.
20Sharing together in thsi mystery of life,
21As we gather here in Jesus' name.PART Oh take, take and eat.
22Oh take, take and drink
23This is my body,
24This is my blood.
25Oh eat of this bread
26And drink from this cup.
27This I have given for you.PARTŞWe are called to share the journey of our lives:
28Lost and lonely, broken hearts.
29Bringing our joys and hurts, our hopes and dreams.
30Though one body, we are many parts.PART Oh take, take and eat.
31Oh take, take and drink
32This is my body,
33This is my blood.
34Oh eat of this bread
35And drink from this cup.
36This I have given for you.