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 1TITLETree of Life (Lent)AUTHORMarty Haugen
 2COPYRIGHTLINEGIA PublicationsPARTaLight of life beyond conceiving,
 3Mighty Spirit of our Lord;
 4Give new strength to our believing,PARTBGive us faith to live your word,
 5Give us faith to live your word.PARTcFrom the dawning of creation,
 6You have loved us as your own;
 7Stay with us through all temptation,PART6Make us turn to you alone,
 8Make us turn to you alone.PARTYIn our call to be a blessing,
 9May we be a blessing true;
10May we live and die confessingPART:Christ as Lord of all we do,
11Christ as Lord of all we do.PARTXLiving Water of salvation,
12Be the fountain of each soul;
13Springing up in new creation,PART<Flow in us and make us whole,
14Flow in us and make us whole.PARTeGive us eyes to see you clearly,
15Make us children of your light;
16Give us hearts to live more nearlyPART>As your gospel shining bright,
17As your gospel shining bright.PARTfGod of all our fear and sorrow,
18God who lives beyond our death;
19Hold us close through each tomorrow,PART<Love as near as every breath,
20Love as near as every breath.