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 1TITLEStrong and ConstantAUTHORFrank Andersen
 2COPYRIGHTLINE Frank Andersen & Chevalier PressPARTnI will be Spirit who walks with you!
 3You will be always within My hand!
 4Take my heart and give it all to Me!PART@Strong and constant is My love!
 5Strong and constant is My love!PARTuShould you wander far away from Me,
 6I will search for you in every land!
 7Should you call, then you will truly know:PART@Strong and constant is My love!
 8Strong and constant is My love!PARTxWhen you know sorrow within your life,
 9I will come! I will embrace your heart!
10Through your pain you will discover Me!PART@Strong and constant is My love!
11Strong and constant is My love!