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 1TITLEMajestyPART‡Here I am humbled by your Majesty
 2Covered by your grace so free
 3Here I am, knowing I'm a sinful man
 4Covered by the blood of the LambPARTfNow I've found the greatest love of all is mine
 5Since you laid down your life
 6The greatest sacrificePARTłMajesty, Majesty
 7Your grace has found me just as I am
 8Empty handed, but alive in your hands
 9Majesty, Majesty
10Forever I am changed by your love
11In the presence of your MajestyPART•Here I am humbled by the love that you give
12Forgiven so that I can forgive
13Here I stand, knowing that I'm your desire
14Sanctified by glory and firePARTfNow I've found the greatest love of all is mine
15Since you laid down your life
16The greatest sacrifice